10 Cooking Gadgets You Must Buy to Make Cooking Fun

Each time you walk in the kitchen you might desire or eyes might seek a kitchen mate. Is it so because you find cooking is annoying? Or the gadgets you’ve been using for long are not satisfying you anymore? Here’s a problem identified! Your kitchen mates are old enough they need to get replaced with smarter ones. Opting for the coolest yet unique kitchen tools listed here is one of the ample ways to make your time in the kitchen a little more fun.


Are you still struggling with the old traditional ice trays? We’ve come up with a solution to your worry by this amazing, simplistic yet meaningful gadget ‘silicon spherical ball ice molds’

Make your drinks memorable one for you and your beloved ones’


Quick chilling:

These spherical ice globes will facilitate quick chilling for your authentic cocktails, yummy lemon sodas, cold brew coffees, and a lot more.

Long-lasting freshness:

Add long-lasting freshness and prevent diluting drinks with this amazing icebox. As the spherical icebox melts at a slower pace, bet! The last sip will still give you a fresh feel inside.

Smart filling:

Filling the box is an easy-peasy mess-free task with the hole provided on top.

Allows easy release:

No digging, no tapping just open the lid, off you go with a clear smooth ice globe.

Closed fitted lid:

Perfectly sealed box with a close-fitted lid prevents odors to sweep in. It also allows the stacking of multiple ball iceboxes.


The product features highly durable material which is Silicon and ABS. These are non-toxic and thermally stable.


Knife! One of your regular kitchen mates. Often your cooking gets annoying when your blunt or brittle knife shaft just slips over from tomatoes and onion. It’s time to get into the zone and go for a knife sharpener. ‘Diamond tungsten steel sharpener’ is a smarter yet more vice choice for you!


A knife sharpener that makes cutting and dicing as easy as slicing a butter bar!


3 slots in 1:

This gadget has 3 slots made of stainless steel each for a different purpose and using all to give you a perfect chef tool.

Diamond surface slot:

A special slot for honing your ceramic knife. For a brittle knife, the slot offers the initial grinding step to remove grooves on the shaft.

Tungsten steel slot:

The second or the middle coarse slot will wipe out chunks in grinding a dull knife.

Fine slot:

The fine slot or more a final slot will leave you with an exceptionally razor-sharp knife.

Smart design:

Its smart design will let you with ease in handling. A Silicon rubber ergonomic handle facilitates great grip and non-slippery rubber feet at the bottom helps to keep it in place.


Keep away from children.

Wash for the first time.


There’s always a mess while pouring, is it so? Then why not opt for the unique and non-toxic kitchen gadget ‘Silicon soup spout funnel’. Smartly pour in your soup, puree, or yum butternut squash without spilling it over.

With this tool say ‘farewell to mess while pouring’


Quality assured:

The product is made of superior quality food-grade silicone material, which is flexible and durable too.

Unique design features:

The spout funnel features a radian design and a curved spout at the tip facilitates easy spill-free pouring reducing your cleaning efforts.

Easy handling:

It can fit well to round pots or circular table wares. The material used is pretty flexible so it won’t get off easily unless you remove yourself.


Ladies! Your gas stove suffers a lot whenever you cook. Not just they but you thrusting your hands scraping and scratching to strip away the annoying mess. Here’s your mate check out our ’Gas stove surface protection pad’

Trust ’Gas stove surface protection pad’ for cleaning and protecting your stove with care

Non-adhesive and non-absorbent:

The product features non-adhesive and non-absorbent properties. The pad can be easily removed and is washable too.

Good cleaner:

You can easily wipe off surface stains such as oil spills without much effort.

Excellent material:

The product holds superior quality Teflon with a glass fiber cloth. The material is rust-free, non-toxic, and safe in case of contact with food.

Temperature resistance range:

Supports temperature up to 260 degrees.


The pad should be placed properly away from the flame.

It must be trimmed before if needed to fit in properly.


Besides beautifying your kitchen with compact decorative items you can embellish your kitchen walls, dining, and marble top too. Ask how? Try ‘Artificial Marble self-adhesive sticker’

Don’t wait! Just renovate your kitchen with this awesome self-adhesive sticker range’



The material is water reluctant so you can go with washing it without worrying.

Self-Adhesive and removable:

Just peel and place! It will handily cling over the surface. It can be easily withdrawn from the exteriors without damaging it.


It comes in multiple colors and gorgeous patterns.


What’s your drink ware preference when you’re at work or school? Perhaps which keeps hot beverages hot and colder one cold for long. ‘304 Stainless steel cup’

Is the right choice for you.


304 SS Cup is the perfect way to savor tasty beverages’



The flask contents can remain hotter or cooler for longer than its environment, hence it can be a great travel mate.

Convenient and hygienic:

Allow the push and the straw will appear before you.

Safe and durable:

Premium quality SS tumbler cups are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and harm-free.


Popping and tingly sensations to your taste buds are what you often crave! Why not bring a soda machine? But wait! We have a cheaper yet magical alternate for you. ‘The Magic tap soda dispenser’ a compact, portable and effective choice for soda lovers.

‘Making soda liquid refreshment is fun with this magic tap soda dispenser’

User guide:

Now you can turn any 2-liter bottle into a soda dispenser! Just twist the magic tap on top of the soda bottle invert the bottle and it’s ready to serve via a push-in dispenser.


In your kitchen plenty of times, you face jam-packed bottles and jars or whenever you buy new sealed ones. What it takes is time and a brutal effort to open. Get yourself at ease with the coolest ’Stainless steel screwing artifact’ kitchen gadget.

‘With this tool snap the lids off in just a matter of seconds’



Its universal design made it easier to adjust to various sized cans and caps.

Bottom cushion and non-slippery handle:

You just don’t need to hold the jar in place. Well, sturdy bottom cushions and contoured nonslip handles are equipped in the product to make the job easier.

Other features:

A non-corrosive Stainless steel product that is easy to clean, use, and store.


Peeling is an art, but when it comes to crafting a masterpiece you’ll need excellent tools. We bring you another artistic gadget ’Kitchen peeler creative paring knife’ to support not just peeling but quality peeling.

A quality peeler that shaves your fruits and veggies in thin slices’


Super sharp blades:

The super sharp blades can easily peel through a course or fine fruit and veggies skin and leave it with a smooth texture.

Rotatable blades:

Attached high-quality blades are rotatable and can move to either left or right side as per your ease.


The product is of premium quality TPR and PP material. Features durability, lightness, and abrasion resistance properties.

Firm grip:

Just pass your fingers through the slot provided to get a firm grip and you’re up for the task.


Why is baking extremely satisfying for many? Simply because of cakes, brownies, cookies, all these sweet treats matter. Your flair needs to get some fair baking tools to craft a masterpiece. A fine and versatile tool ’Multi-style Puzzle Baking Cake Mold’ will add much value to your baking journey.

Experience fun baking with Multi-style Puzzle Baking Cake Mold’


Durable material:

Made of food-grade Silicon material which is non-toxic and safe to use.

Flexible walls:

Flexible walls to shape your cake with fun by just simply folding it as you desire.

Easy demolding:

Demolding is easier and your sweet treat comes up with a smooth and fine texture without sticking on its walls.

Other attributes:

Nonstick, easy to operate and clean.

Use the above-mentioned products and have fun cooking!!