10 Frequent Questions about WED2C

Today we are going to answer to some of the questions we received from our users. Whether from the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or within our YouTube channel. Let’s look at the video first.

Q: How does WED2C work/how do I use it/how do I earn money on WED2C?

A: Search and select products you want to recommend from WED2C to people around you, set your own profit, share products at a customized price to your customers. You will get the earnings when the order is completed.

If someone placed an order through your link, you will see this order in “Mine” page. We will start processing the order right after product payment is successful, and when the order is completed, you get your profit which can be withdrawn.

Q: How will the buyers view their orders if there isn’t a login page for buyers?

A: There is a “My orders” button at the bottom of the page from the link you share.

Q: Can I sell products all over the world or a specific country?

A: Anywhere.

Q: I live in Spain and I would like to know if I can operate from here. The shipping time is the only concern here. So let’s say the buyers are from the USA, what’s the approximate shipping time? What about the UK, Australia and Russia?

A: Normally you can start a business anywhere on earth with WED2C, and if you have any concerns, our Customer Service team is always available. The shipping time is only related to the destinations and the logistics policies. We have warehouses all over the world.

Q: I’ve promoted a few products and got sales as well, just wanted to know how to withdraw the money?

A: In order to withdraw the money you have earned, go to “Mine” page, you will see the “Withdraw” button, click the button, select withdraw method, enter your withdraw account, amount, and then click “Next”. After verification, you will be able to withdraw earnings.

If your customer placed an order through your link, the earnings of this order are deposited to your WED2C account after the customer receives the product without opening a dispute. Each seller can withdraw 3 times per month of which the minimum amount is $10 each time.

Q: Hello, I am selling fitness equipment and I would like to ask if you would add any fitness aids or supplements to the site.

A: Yes, we are always dedicated to providing you with the best service. We welcome all kinds of product demands, you can contact us and provide us with the details of your desired product.

Q: May I know what is my role in working with WED2C? For example, a dropshipping agent, a marketer or a partner?

A: You are a business owner and WED2C works for you by providing product supplies, logistics, after-sales support, product description, etc. WED2C can help you start your own business with 0 cost, all you need to do is to share products to your social platforms, and we will do the rest for you.