It may seem like babies spend a lot of time lying around, but they actually work out every day. When your baby kicks their legs, bats at something, or squirms around during a diaper change, it’s their way of exercising.

Babies don’t have to go to the gym like us. Physical activities help to build your baby’s strength. They also help with muscle development so your baby can sit up, crawl, roll over and eventually walk. It also helps your baby to sleep more restfully, giving you more time to rest too. So, if you’re ready, here are four simple exercises to help your baby get stronger.

- The Tummy Workout

Since most babies spend most of their time on their back, turning your baby on their tummy helps. This will help build the muscles in your baby’s neck, arms, shoulders, back, and abdomen. After putting your baby on their stomach, get on yours too and talk, sing and smile. You can start this exercise with your baby as soon as you both get back from the hospital.

- Do Baby Sit-Ups

You can do this by pulling your baby into a sitting position. It’s a great way to strengthen your baby’s muscles. This will help the shoulders, core, arms, and back. As you pull, your baby will automatically tighten their abdominal muscles even though you are the one doing the pulling.

You can start doing baby sit-ups as soon as your baby is six weeks old. If your baby is still too young to support their head as you pull, place your hands on their shoulders so you can prevent their head from flopping back. Make this exercise more fun by planting kisses every time your baby gets close to your face.

- Bicycling

Did you know that cycling your baby’s legs is a great way to relieve them of gas? It works, and this is also a great baby workout. It works the legs, hips, knees, and abs. It’ll also help make your baby more flexible and increase their range of movement. Do this while your baby is on their back as you gently coo, sing or make car sounds. Do this about three times and then take a break. You can continue this for as long as your baby is interested.

- Baby Weight Lift

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give your baby a 5kg dumbbell here. Small rattles, toys, and the usual objects they play with will do the trick. As soon as your baby starts grasping things, which is usually around three or four months, then you can do this exercise. Sit your baby on their chair and encourage them to pick from one of the play items you have put in front of them.

This Infant Hanging Canvas Swing will help your baby work their muscles as they swing from it. It can also double as a seat and folds very easily. Help your baby exercise and have a great playtime on this swing.