4 Steps of Using Facebook Groups to Sell Products

When you decide to start a dropshipping business on WED2C, you have all the things you need except buyers! This is the only thing you need to do as a business owner: find customers! Sell products that WED2C provides you for free.

And guess where the best place to sell it is??… FACEBOOK GROUPS! You don’t need to run ads or set up a fancy website, you can just start selling all the products on Facebook.

And thanks to WED2C and Facebook Groups, you can even do it from your mobile phone!

If this sounds appealing to you, then read on. In this article, you will learn how to do it! But before you start share products to sell, here are 4 steps you can follow to help you sell on Facebook:

1. Join Buy and Sell Facebook Groups as much as you can or create one by yourself:

What is Buy and Sell groups? This is the official introduction of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/319768015124786

Facebook Buy&Sell groups connect with global sellers, buyers, and traders. Join a group in your area or find a niche marketplace to fuel your hobbies. Some of these groups are public while others require the approval of an admin to join.

You can look for Buy and Sell groups near you by clicking the Buy and Sell Groups link in the left-side menu.

This brings you to a Buy and Sell Groups home page, which displays a few of the local groups you might be interested in.

Click the Join Group button next to any of the groups that look appealing to you.

Some groups have post approvals enabled. Your posts will be reviewed by the group’s admins and moderators. Once approved, your post will appear in the group. So it’s better to create a Buy/Sell group by yourself. And you can also change the group to Buy & Sell group.

Click ‘Create New Group’ to create your own group.

Click here to change settings of your new group.

Change your group type by clicking the edit icon.

Remember to share your group to your customers and friends, invite them to join your new group, grow your group gradually to make your business big.

2. Get Products info from WED2C


Find products you want to sell on WED2C. If you have no idea how to choose products, please watch 0:17 of this video: https://youtu.be/mORB5xKN0w0. Download photos from WED2C and then you can easily upload the proper pictures from your mobile phone to Facebook groups.

Don’t forget to copy the product link. Some appealing words will be copied accordingly. If you want to add descriptions, just edit as you want. Write a good description for your sharing products.

You don’t have to be a professional copywriter! Just describe your selling item in a positive, detailed way.

3. Selling items in a Facebook Group

If you want to sell on a general group, then click create a post, and upload the pictures you have downloaded on WED2C, it’s suggested that you post more than one pic to really show off the merchandise, paste the link you have copied before. Then publish.

If you are selling on a Buy/Sell group, just click ‘Selling Something’ button, then choose ‘Item for Sale’.

Upload the pictures you just downloaded on WED2C and enter the price you have set for this product, paste your copied link into description. Then you can click ‘Next’.

‘Share to More Places’ will help your products got more exposure rate

4. Follow the Rules

Most Facebook groups have rules.

You might get banned from a group if you don’t follow the rules. But if you create the group then you do not need to worry about that!

The group’s rules will govern what types of items you can sell & how you choose a buyer. You’ll sell more stuff on Facebook if you follow the group rules.

As for finding Facebook groups to post your stuff, it’s recommended that check out the Suggested Groups or Local Groups from Facebook. There you’ll find groups that are Open, Closed & Secret!

Anything you post in an open group can be seen by your friends & those who follow you. You’ll have to request access & be approved to join closed groups.

Now you know how to make Facebook groups your selling weapon for selling online. Hope your online business going well!