4 Things You Should Have in Your First Aid Kit to Save Lives (Advertorial for Non-contact Thermometer)

First aid kits are important everywhere because accidents happen all the time. It could be a small injury or a fracture that has to be taken care of before it can be plastered up by a doctor. You do not have to have everything in your kit however there are some essential items that should be there to ensure that the kit can be used in times of emergencies.

1. First aid guidebook

Say you need the first aid kit because someone got injured or there has been accident. Unless you are a doctor, you will need assistance in knowing how to use the items in the first aid kit and what to do use in different kinds of situations. Once you have read the guidebook, you will know how to deal with all kinds of emergencies. Until you are able to take the person to the hospital if it is a serious emergency, you will need to make use of the first aid kit.

2. Disposable rubber gloves

When dealing with any kind of wound whether it is a small injury or a serious one, the last thing you should do is touch it with bare hands. This is why you need gloves so you can stay protected as well as the victim. Gloves will act as a barrier between your hands and the wound which will ensure that the victim does not get infected as it will only make the wound worse than it already is. It is also very important to sterilize the gloves so that they if there is any bacteria on it, it does no further damage to the wound.

3. Bandages

What is a first aid kit without bandages? Bandages are the most important part of a first aid kit because every injury requires bandages to make sure it heals or if the wound is too serious then they can help stop the bleeding. Many times an injured person’s wound is serious however there is no immediate medical help available. In these kind of scenarios, the rescuer has to put on bandage on their wound so that they do not lose too much blood and first aid kit is usually used in these circumstances and that it why it is important to keep bandages in the first aid kit.

4. Thermometer

You might be wondering why this is an essential item that should be in the first aid kit. This is because sometimes people travel with first aid kits and they could catch a flu or temperature and the last thing they would like to do is go looking for a pharmacy to buy a thermometer. This is why this item comes in handy when you feel sick while travelling and suspect you might have fever.

Temperature Gun Non-contact Thermometer is an ideal one especially in these circumstances when Covid-19 is at peak.

As it is advised to avoid touching people and staying a few feet away from them, it allows you to check the person’s temperature without getting in contact with them. It provides with accurate reading of one’s body temperature and takes just a few seconds to take the reading.

It is small in size therefore can easily be carried in a first aid box. The thermometer provides temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and has 32 groups memory. It also helps keep track of temperature so that it can be accessed later whenever required. The product can be used to check temperature of objects too such as food, a room, water, milk etcetera.