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4 Types of Informative Indoor Games for Kids to Play (Advertorial for TicTac Tongue Game)

4 Types of Informative Indoor Games for Kids to Play
(Advertorial for TicTac Tongue Game)

In the current times when the threat of Covid-19 is at its peak, people do not want to send their children out to play because it is not safe and children can catch the virus. This is why they are always on the lookout for indoor games that their children can play. People believe that there are not many activities for children indoors however that is not true. This is just a misconception and children can enjoy indoor activities too even more at times. Here are a few games that you can suggest to your child when they are bored and want to do something.

1. Pictionary

This game has been played by children and even adults at times for many years. It is extremely informative and exciting to play. Not only will your child have fun playing it but they will get to learn too! It is extremely simple and does not require a lot of items. All you need is a pen, paper, a whiteboard, and a marker and you can get started. You can write a few words on the paper and mix them in a bowl. One person can get up, pick a piece of paper, see what is written on it, and draw it on the board without any hints of what it is except the drawing. Rest of the people then guess what is the word by looking at the drawing. Your child can either play with their friends or even you can play with them.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles can be a lot of fun and to ensure that the child enjoys it, you can buy puzzles with your child’s favorite cartoon or movie character. This will encourage them to do the puzzle and stay busy for hours. Again this game can either be played with other children or you can play with your child too and spend quality time with them. Just like Pictionary, puzzles can also be informative and educational for your child. Playing games like these at a young age helps the mind be creative and gives your child a chance to have an interesting imagination.

3. Toys

What child does not like toys? Both girls and boys enjoy getting new toys and it can keep them busy indoors for a while. Some children like to play with toys with their friends while some prefer playing alone. Either way, they stay indoors and have fun with their toys. You do not have to spend too much on toys however you can get one for your child every now and then like on birthdays or to reward them as toys can be a great motivator for children.

Slime, is popular among girls in recent years. It is a non-toxic toy that they can play with. Moreover, there is a lot of DIY slimes that comes in different colors. You can find recipes on the internet to make slime yourself with the children. This would improve their hands-on skills.

Moreover, Funny Chameleon Lizard Toy Mask Wagging Tongue, also known as Tic Tac Tongue is a popular toy in recent time. It is a toy that children really enjoy playing with. It is basically a lizard’s fake mouth that one can attach to their mouth and there are cards with insects that come with it. The tongue has to take as many cards as it can and whoever takes the most, wins. This toy is really fun and can motivate children to have healthy competition with their friends. It is a safe and non-toxic toy that children can play with and is also educational.

This toy can be a great gift for your child and it is even light on the pocket. It can keep the child busy indoors for a long time. The package includes 2 lizard masks, 10 targeted cards, and 10 game cards.

4. Board games

Who does not like board games? Definitely not children! You can buy monopoly, chess, or other board games that your child might enjoy playing. There are hundreds and thousands of board games on the market, many of them would surprise you as the design of these game is so well. Even adult will enjoy playing.

Once you teach them how they can play, they will get busy for hours. Playing chess can really open the child’s mind to possibilities and critical thinking and decision making. They can also be educational and children can learn while playing board games too.

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