4 types of lighting and 6 tips for your kid's room
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The lighting in our home is an important design element that plays with our perceptions. It creates an atmosphere that can affect the mood of the room and surprisingly impact our vision as well. Kids are particularly susceptible to these adverse effects of improper lighting, therefore proper lighting in our kids’ room is essential. Knowing what type of lights to use and their distribution around our home can make a big difference in how we perceive space. The lighting in each area of the house is different because each room serves different purposes and require different lighting, and everyone has their own preferences and needs.

There’s much more to lighting our kid’s room than just choosing cute decorative lamps. It is necessary to consider the safety and health of our beloved little ones’ eyes. Here are some tips to brighten up your children’s room without damaging their vision, while creating a comfortable space for them to learn and play.

  • The importance of correct lighting

One of the most used senses is sight. Good lighting helps us perceive our surroundings better allowing us to have better control of our movements. Light also influences our concentration during whatever it is that we may be doing.

Eye care specialists have explained that poor lighting forces us to strain our vision. It could lead to various vision problems, fatigue, headache, lack of concentration, and stress. Simultaneously, poor lighting forces us to accommodate with bad posture, which overtime can cause pain in multiple areas of our body.

As children grow up, good lighting plays a key role in the proper development of their skills. Scientific research has proved that good lighting helps our kids learn and concentrate adequately in their academic activities.

  • Safety first

It is important for parents to consider the safety of their children right? When you are looking for the right lighting for your children’s rooms, keep in mind the following tips:

– Choose lamps with a coated light source.
– Avoid using glass lamps or bulbs to prevent accidents.
– If you choose to purchase table lamps, be sure to place them securely on top of the furniture.
– Keep the wiring out of reach.
– Combine different light tones and light sources; there is a light for every occasion and activity.
– Place switches within easy reach and teach them to use the light responsibly.

  • Identify the purpose for each light type

There are multiple lighting types. Each of them will help your child feel comfortable and secure while they are playing, studying, or simply relaxing in their room.

– Ceiling lamps are ideal for illuminating large areas of the room.
– Desk lamps are incredibly good for concentration.
– Table lamps are essential auxiliary lighting for kids who want to read a story before going to bed.
– Night lights are your child’s best companion to ward off monsters and nightmares.

Night lights are also used for subtle illumination in different areas during the night to make moving around safer in the darkness. They will help your child see what is around them even if the main lights are not on.

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Properly illuminating every space in your home should not be a tedious and complicated task. With these tips and considerations for lighting your kids’ room, you will be able to make the right choices that will contribute to your children’s growth and learning.