4 Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe When They Start to Crawl
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Your baby starting to crawl is a very exciting milestone. It is quite magical, but it can also be scary. Soon, you’ll find yourself having to deal with the fact that your baby can now move. That means they can also get into all kinds of mischief, like knocking over things and falling down from heights. As a parent, it is your job to keep your baby safe from harm. Read the following tips on how to keep your crawling baby safe from hurting themselves.  

Keep Small Objects Out of Reach

Keeping your house clean is important when you have a baby who has just started learning how to crawl. But more importantly, make sure small objects are out of reach. They are choking hazards for your baby because they are likely to put any small item into their mouth. Get as many cheap storage containers as possible and try to keep your house organized. Also, make sure that you always monitor your baby. Never let your baby out of sight if they are crawling around on their own.

Lock Low Cabinets with Harmful Substances

If you keep your cleaning detergents, liquid, or alcohol in low cabinets, it’s time to lock them up. Get baby proof cabinet locks to ensure that your child does not get access to them. That way you can have peace of mind while caring for your child.

Quality Baby Gates Are A Good Idea

Your baby is going to want to go everywhere once they start crawling. Threatening sounds, giving them the stare, or shouting at them won’t work. Install reliable and sturdy gates in specific places in your house. Make sure that the ones you purchase have a good locking mechanism and a high consumer safety rating. They’ll be a brilliant investment in the safety of your baby.

Keep All Plugs and Cords Out of Reach

Cords are interesting to babies. They don’t yet know not to meddle with electricity yet, so you must do the thinking for your baby. Keep all electric cords and outlets out of reach. It could be phone chargers, lamp cords, or any other electrical wiring. Forget about any inconvenience this might pose to you and consider the safety of your kid. Tape down excessively long cords to prevent your kid from pulling down objects like lamps or other appliances. For your outlets, you should try out outlet caps. Sliding plate covers are also a good idea.

Cover Sharp Corners

Use pads or guards to cover the sharp corners in your home to protect your child. Bruises and bumps are normal for a crawling baby, but you can reduce the chances of serious injuries this way. To protect your baby from bumping their head on sharp corners or tables, make use of soft corner guards. They’ll help prevent bumps and bruises from turning into something serious.

This Baby Safety Helmet Toddler Headguard Hat is perfect for protecting your crawling baby from injuries. You’ll also find it useful when they become running toddlers and are involved in outdoor play. It’s adjustable and durable.
Paying attention to your crawling child and baby proofing your house is one of the best things you can do. When babies begin to crawl, it comes with a new sense of curiosity and excitement that means they will try everything. It is your job to prevent any serious incident from occurring and the tips above will help.