5 Categories of Baby Shower Gifts to Pick From
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When a friend or family member announces that they’re expecting, the first thing you will think about is what baby shower gift to get them. If you haven’t done this before, you could find yourself confused about whether to buy clothes, toys, or essentials for the family. A quick search online will also give you so many options that will confuse you even more. That’s why we have decided to help. We’ve spoken to a few experts who have shared with us the best way to go about it. Here are the five categories of baby shower gifts that you can choose from.

The Group Gifts

These are the big items that are especially useful for a mother expecting for the first time. They include cribs, car seats, and rocking chairs. These kinds of gifts might be a bit pricey, but you can buy them with a group. That way, the cost is split among everyone, making it cost-effective while giving the family what they need. You can buy your baby shower gift with a group of friends or family members. To achieve this, decide who will be in the group, then determine how much each person will contribute. Sum that up and get a gift in that price range.

The Keepsakes

Documenting a baby’s first months is so important because they grow up so fast. To help the new parents do this, you can gift them a milestone book. That way, they can document everything from their baby’s first steps to their first haircut. Some of these also come with spaces for photos of these precious moments. This makes such a beautiful baby shower present.

The Baby Essentials

Practical items can be a godsend to new parents. Things like diapers, bottles, baby food makers and even burp clothes will have the new parent thanking you for such useful items. These things get used up daily so they’ll be happy to have them on hand for their kid.

Buying things like this in bulk is also a great idea. You’ll save the new parents from having to do too much shopping. For these kinds of gifts, presenting them creatively is important. You can send them in a lovely laundry hamper or a storage bin which the family can also use later on, just add some ribbons and a bow.

Baby Books

Nowadays, couples like to read to their baby while still in the womb. You can give them gifts to read to their unborn baby. They make fantastic baby shower gifts and are a great investment in the future education of their child. You can get educational books that teach colors, numbers, and letters. You can also gift the expecting couple baby-friendly books for when the baby is born. There are a variety of books designed specifically for babies to stimulate the development of all their senses.

Themed Gifts

From Bambi to the little mermaid, there are countless themed gift options to get for a baby. You can start by asking the parents if they’ve chosen a theme. If they have, then it’s time to get creative with your baby shower gift. You can get blankets, onesies, and pajamas that go with the theme. You can also get things like wall art and night lights that bring personality to their baby’s room. If the parents do not have a theme, you can also get generic quality baby-themed gifts to celebrate the arrival of their new baby.

This Milk Bottle Night Light is a creative and beautiful gift for new parents to decorate their baby’s room. You can personalize it with a lovely message, and it also has a sleep timing mode. It is an excellent baby shower gift.
When choosing a baby shower gift, remember that it’s the thought that counts. The categories above will help you find many presents that will fit your taste and at the same time satisfy the expecting parents. The key is to think of something that will save them the stress of having to get it themselves. Any present that will make the parents excited to meet their new baby is a great idea.