5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Through Social Media

Want to know the real advice for selling products through social media? As an old saying said, “The best lessons that I have learned were all born from mistakes I have made”. Well, thanks to the industry experience that has been accumulated for years, we don’t have to go 100% through the “trial and error” process from scratch. But this doesn’t mean that we are good enough for not making mistakes, instead, learn from each mistake that would help us do better in the future without going through some unnecessary detours.

There are five mistakes to be addressed when selling through social media. Reflecting on what could be done differently to have better performance.

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1. Give Up Easily If Not Seeing Immediate Result

Honestly speaking, it is not an easy thing to sell a product to people you might not know online. Unlike stores in real life where you could have face to face conversation and in-depth personal communication to introduce the selling point of the product, online selling is more like a relationship-building game. More steps will be gone through before people make purchases online. You have to educate them by the content you created through social media posts, blog, video or email before you can expect them to buy from you.

That is to say, don’t give up immediately when you see little return.

The saying “No pains, no gains” describes the online selling status quo, and the “pains” means “time commitment”. Adapting a method that works for you and keep it up. Most people decided to quit in the beginning once the outcome didn’t meet their expectation, the truth is it’s natural for a low conversion rate in the beginning. Be insistence, things will happen when you continue to learn and apply a proper method to repeat.

2. Spamming

– Post Too Frequent

No matter what content of your post is, if you post too frequent to a point people see you everywhere on their news feed, you probably will be blocked by them, regardless if your post is valuable or not. It is the reality that people want to see “new thing” on their social media, if you post too frequently, you may be considered to be a spammer whose post won’t be considered as valuable.

– Post Ads Only

This is often neglected by many sellers, they think post as much ads as possible would generate more sales. However, the truth may be the opposite. People use social media to engage with an online community, not to see pure ads. If you introduce a product to some people too early, you may appear untrustworthy.

3. No Interaction

People use social media to have interaction with others, if you act like a robot who doesn’t interact with others, you are on the wrong track of doing business. Alternatively, remember the following three words when selling a product on social media:

Engage, Interact, Convert

Treat the audience as friends and interact with them based on some interesting topics, encouraging them to comment and reply promptly is the right way to do.

4. Not Familiar With Target Audience

This is often ignored by some beginners who are trying to make sales online. One of the things to avoid doing is introducing the wrong product to your customer. Identifying and having a comprehensive understanding of your target audience is important. This is able to let you focus on the most likely to be purchased product. And knowing your target audience would help you know which marketing methods to use, what topics to interact with them, what they like and what they don’t like, what factor would drive them to buy a product etc. Knowing your target audience is necessary otherwise doing business with no strategy would result in a mess.

Look at social media analytics, conduct a survey, or engage with the audience and ask them directly to learn more are always a good source of information.

5. Fail To Deal With Negative Feedback

Having negative feedback is not a surprise even for a big brand, it is the way to deal that is important. People tend to give a lame excuse about negative feedback, however, the more you explain for yourself, the worse the result will be. Alternatively, seeing negative feedback as an opportunity to improve. It is a chance to start a close conversation with people as negative feedback is an honest opinion about the user experience of a service or a product. Once people see you are doing your utmost to help them with a humble attitude, your reputation will be improved on account of that.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an online seller or just a new start, learning from others is always a good way to improve yourself and your business. Thanks to the tips provided by our counterparts, we are always standing on the shoulder of the giant to grow. Learn the tips, avoid the mistakes, then grow bigger.