7 Easy Ways to Stay Warm in Winter
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The winter months are here, and along with them, you get an increase in your utility bill. Keeping warm can be costly but there are ways to save on electricity. Are you wondering how? Well, it’s by staying warm without having to crank up your heater. You can stay warm without your electricity bill shooting through the roof. The following simple methods that we share will help you do so. Some of them have to do with taking care of yourself, while others are about taking care of your environment.

  • Cook with An Oven and A Stove

Both of these appliances emit a lot of heat. That’s why experts often advise that people avoid them in the summer. The winter on the other hand, is a great time to cook and bake to your heart’s content. Using the stove and your oven will help heat up your home.

  • Leave the Oven Open

During these winter months, leave the oven open after baking. It’s a great way to release the left-over hot air into your home thereby reducing your need for a heater. If you have children or pets however, you have to be very careful as this could be a problem. Make sure to keep them away from the oven. If your oven runs on gas, make sure that it is not the primary source of heat in your house. Appliances that burn on natural gas for a long period of time tend to start producing high levels of carbon monoxide which is toxic.

  • Relax with A Cup of Soup

Hot meals on cold winter days are the best. Not only should you warm up your space during the winter, but you should also warm up your insides too. A cup of hot soup while you relax will heat you up just fine. For best results, make it yourself from scratch using your stove. That way, your house heats up nice and warm in the process too.

  • Take Warm Drinks

Warming yourself up from the inside is a great idea. Take beverages like tea, coffee, hot cocoa and other warm drinks when you’re cold. Serve them in a hot mug that you can cup in both hands to help heat them up. You’ll also feel an amazing warm flow of fluids to your stomach as it goes down. In no time, you’ll be feeling all toasty.

  • Be Active

Moving around generates body heat. So rather than staying in one place and feeling cold, try moving around and being active. You can do some exercise, play a game or do some chores. Set reminders on your phone to get you up and active. Staying in one position for a long time will soon have you feeling cold and stiff.

  • Have Your Heating System Inspected

Have your heating system inspected annually if possible, just before the cold arrives. This is so that any obstructions preventing your heating system from warming your space adequately are cleared. Cleaning up your heating system will also reduce the amount of work that your heaters have to do to get your house warm, thus reducing your bill.

  • Layer Up

Everyone knows that it’s best to put on a few layers and a jacket when going out in the cold. You can do the same while inside too. Put on sweaters, jackets, thick socks and more to keep yourself feeling warm. You can add or remove layers to make yourself comfortable.

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