8 Makeup Organizing Hacks for Daily Life
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If you love doing makeup, then you probably enjoy organizing and re-organizing your makeup stash that you have spent years collecting. But you probably also know that organizing your makeup isn’t as easy as it sounds. It isn’t a good idea to just shove different products from different brands all into one drawer. So, what should you do then?
The following are some of the best tips to help make your entire makeup organizing process hassle-free.

Bring your favorite kitchen accessory to the dresser table

Yes, it’s true. Why not incorporate a spice rack into your makeup organizing dresser table. Not only will it declutter your cosmetic cases, it will also put them on display and give them a completely new look. This will help prevent them from accidentally falling off your makeup table.

Put lipsticks in glass jars

Do you have some empty jars at home? Use them to organize your lipsticks, lip liners, and glosses. Glass jars make it more convenient and easy to sort things out i.e, by color, or by brand.
If your lip products happen to leak, or if a cap wasn’t placed on properly, you can always clean your jar.

  • Remove as much product before cleaning. Throw the extra stuff in the trash.
  • Soak the jar overnight.
  • Rinse thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.
  • Give them a warm bath and let dry before using them again.

Tuck your makeup brushes in a glass cases

We all occasionally lose our makeup brushes here and there, but after this hack, it won’t happen again. Keep your entire makeup brush set in a glass case and save your time.

Store your nail paints in a cookie jar

Cookie jars are mostly transparent in color and are super cute. So, why not store your nail polishes in them, so that you can easily sneak a peek of your favorite shades and brighten up your dressing table.

Organize your everyday makeup products on a cupcake stand

Cupcake stands look very pretty! They look even prettier when you use them to organize your smaller makeup products like nail polishes, mini lipsticks, eyeliners, and perfumes. It is best to use more sustainable cupcake stands.

Why not hang your excess makeup?

If drawer storage makes everything cluttered and isn’t your thing, you can always opt for hanging your makeup. Hang an organizer behind your bedroom door to save a lot of space.

Packing in a pencil case never gets old

There’s always an old pencil case lying around your home. There was a reason you didn’t just throw it away. Now, it can become your travel makeup pouch.

Add an innovative Cosmetic Chocolate Lipstick Organizer to your dresser table

This is a beautiful chocolate block storage compartment made from silicone and metal. It is ideal for storing lipsticks, lip glazes, lip pencils, and other cosmetic products with a diameter of 24mm or less. It can be placed anywhere and looks as delicious as real mini chocolates. This cute makeup organizer is available in red, black, pink, and grey.