8 Tips to Care for Your Wireless Earphones and Earbuds
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Finding wireless earphones or earbuds of excellent quality is difficult. You’ll often have to spend a good sum of money if you want to get the best. When you finally find the pair that’s worth your money, you’re going to want to do your best to take care of them. If you fail to do so, their performance and sound quality will deteriorate over time. They could even end up completely damaged! So how can you prevent your wireless earphones or earbuds from irreparable damage? Here are some great tips to help you preserve them and make them last longer.

  • Clean Them Regularly

If your earbuds come with rubber tips, gently remove and clean them with a damp tissue. Dip a toothpick in water then use it to clean out the earwax, dead skin cells and dust stuck around the edges. You should also check all the creases and holes on your earbuds and earphones and clean out any wax or dust accumulated there too.

  • Don’t Sleep with Them On

After listening to music on your bed for a while, you might want to turn them off and put them away before you sleep. No matter how tired you are, try to avoid sleeping with your earbuds or earphones on. This is because there’s a high chance you might end up rolling over them at night which can destroy them.

  • Don’t Turn the Volume Up Too Loud

Listening to music constantly at the highest volume could damage your earphones pretty quickly. If you listen to loud music all the time, the vibrations could cause a component to come loose. This will manifest as a buzzing sound, leading to reduced sound quality. In addition, overexposure to loud music is terrible for your ears.

  • Avoid Moisture

Some earbuds and earphones are waterproof. Depending on your earphone specifications, you should avoid using them in the rain. Especially when water resistance is not indicated, you should be extra careful. Using them while working out might also be a bad idea because they will end up being drenched in sweat.

  • Avoid Extreme Temperature

Do not expose your wireless earphones or earbuds to extreme temperatures if you want to keep them for longer. You are endangering your earphones and their sound quality when you place them directly in sunlight or in the sweltering heat.

  • Don’t Store Them in Your Pocket

Anything and everything can go wrong with storing your wireless earphones or earbuds in your pocket. You subject them to a lot of pressure by putting them in your pocket because oftentimes you forgot they are in there with several other things that you will constantly be pushing and tugging for. You could also end up misplacing or dropping them and losing them forever. Picture pulling money out of your pocket and your earbuds or earphones comes along with it and drops away unseen.

  • Store Them in A Case

Make sure you store your wireless earbuds or earphones in a case when you’re done using them. Most of them come with protective cases which also serve as chargers. Once you are done using them, replace your earphones or earbuds in their case to keep them safe.

  • Keep the Case Clean

There is no use cleaning your earbuds or earphones regularly if you’re going to return them to a case that is dirty. You might have as well left the earphones dirty. Take care of the case where you store your earphones or earbuds too.

This Headphone Box Cleaning Brush is perfect for cleaning your wireless earphone case or earbud case. It reaches inside where your hands and fingers cannot and cleans out all the dust and dirt built up.

Taking proper care of your wireless earphones or earbuds is the key to making them last longer. You’ll get better value for your money this way while enjoying a seamless music experience.