A Perfect First Bike: the No-pedal Tricycle
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Tricycles are undoubtedly one of the best toys for kids. However, when it comes to toddlers, regular pedal tricycles can still be too much. That’s why today, we want to present to you the B-duck no-pedal balance tricycle!

What makes the no-pedal balance tricycle so different from regular tricycles?

First thing, as the name implies, it has no pedals.

The idea is that you push your toddler during the ride. So they don’t risk stumbling upon!

Of course, a common inconvenience to regular tricycles in this modality is that having only one wheel on the front makes them unstable when you push them.

The result?

Your kids will most likely derail if you want to push them a bit faster.

NOT with the B-duck no-pedal balance tricycle!


The bold design of this toy, with two wheels in the front and one on the back, allows you to ensure your toddlers’ safety by providing stability.

But that’s not it!

The unique rear wheel provides a better grab for you to push the bike comfortably. While the two frontal wheels can also maintain direction.

No more limiting your kids’ fun! Let’s get them on the road TODAY!


With a comfortable size for both rider and carrier, the B-duck no-pedals tricycle displays the image of the little duck and its name on the side.

And to make it even more adorable, just in the front end, it displays a small duck face to say hello to the world!

The tricycle comes in several colors like yellow, white, pink, green, blue, etc. What’s your kid’s favorite color?

The small centered handle keeps your tods’ hands in the front, preventing them from accidentally deviating the course.

It’s light and small enough for your tod, while not being so light that it’s unstable.

And the best part is its materials are eco-friendly!

Characteristics and advantages

The B-duck no-pedal tricycle features benefit your kids’ playtime:

1.Its foam wheels provide a smooth ride and superior grip to avoid sliding accidents.

2.Its eco-friendly materials like carbon steel and EVA foam are just as durable as any non-ecologic material. And they’re smooth to the touch, protecting your kids’ hands.

3.All the plastic parts are brand new. So you don’t have to fear they may break soon.

4.It only weighs 2kg, which is enough to carry it easily. But not so light it will be unstable.

5.Its rear-wheel, considerably thicker than the front wheels, improves stability even on not-so-flat floors.

6.Its comfortable artificial PU leather seat is wide and soft for a comfortable ride.

The B-duck no-pedal tricycle is ready to have fun!

This convenient toy comes completely ensembled and ready to go!

Have the best time with your kids and start teaching them the benefits of riding bikes. Now more than ever, we should teach our kids sustainable solutions to common problems…

Bicycle is the eco-transport by default!

So, now you know why the B-duck no-pedal tricycle is the best toy around and the best part? Its price will surprise you! Purchase now!

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