Best Vegetable Slicer to Save You a Lot of Time and Energy (Advertorial for Grater)

It is such an enjoyment to put the favourite food into the cooking pot, stirring the food until every single ingredient is maximized its potential, to an extent they are well mixed and are able to produce a good taste when you put them into your mouth. The cooking process is undoubtedly an enjoyment, however, the preparation step beforehand is a nightmare for many people. Because it contains a lot of time-consuming things like clearing space, washing, chopping, cleaning and so on.

Washing and chopping food into pieces are the main processes that are complex and time-consuming. There is a saying “Cooking for 1 hour, eating for 5 minutes” which is the heart voice of every cook when it comes to food preparation.

There is an underrated kitchen product that we all think is useless, but once we have tried, then we can’t live without it during cooking.

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The grater is not something new, it saves time and effort to cut food into slices or chips.

But traditional grater has its limitation, such as a single function, hard to wash, uncomfortable to hold etc. And BEWARE that traditional grater is dangerous as it is not a surprise that you get hurt when using it. While this grater is safe as there is a holder to hold the food while using it.

2in1 Function

First things first, this grater has 2 layers that contain a holding layer and draining layer. Apart from the function of grating, the grated ingredient will be stored in the container that has a draining layer to drain the water after washing directly in the container. It saves time from moving food from one container to another.

4-Blade Design

Four Blades suit 4 different needs. 4mm, 3mm, Thinly sliced, Wave shape.

Blades Storage

All the blades are able to stored underneath the back of the cover. Easy to maintain neat and tidy when cooking.

4 Colors, 1 For You

There are 4 well-designed styles that have different color combinations. One of them must suit your taste.

A good grater can shorten the preparation process, and helps you only focus on cooking itself. Stay calm and make cooking easier!