Don't Know What to Do at Home?
Try These 7 Gears to Keep You Fit!

To find a quick way to win in WED2C, one of the steps is to have some popular and in-demand products to share with your friends or onto your social media. In this article, I will list 7 fitness products that are profitable and might be a benefit to your friends and customers. For now, you can find these products by searching products’ names on WED2C.

1.Body Workout Trainer Bar with Resistance Bands Rubber Buckles

This Body Workout Trainer Bar helps people to do exercise on their own, it can be used at home or at the gym. Due to it combines trainer bar and adjustable rope with resistance, there are more than 8 functions that can help people train their different muscles. For example, actions like the squat, trample, leg lifting can use this to get more support. This work trainer bar can be replaceable equipment for dumbbells and other weights, as the resistance rope offers a similar effect, and it’s portable.

2.Large Silent TPR Abdominal Wheel Roller

Training Abdominal is never an easy thing, and having a correct and efficient way to train body is very important. By having an abdominal wheel at home, training becomes professional and cost-effective. Because this abdominal wheel would let the body extend into a plank position, this requires multiple core muscles to engage at once. So to some extent, this abdominal wheel is a great tool to exercise the entire upper body. Abdominal belongs to the core muscle group, it is a muscle group that support the spin. Having a strong core muscle group would make a person has upright body posture, and high balance and body control skills.

3.Yoga Resistance Rubber Bands Indoor Outdoor Fitness Equipment 0.35mm-1.1mm Pilates Sport Training Workout Elastic Bands

Believe it or not, a small rubber band is able to do massive training. Resistance band training has been proved to be an alternative to weight lifting when it comes to activating the muscles. This Resistance Rubber Band comes in a set with 5 colors and 5 levels of tension. Levels from X-light to X-heavy make it possible to suits all people, and also it provides more options for different types of exercise.

4.EMS Muscle Stimulating Fitness Sticker

This is a combination of technology and fitness equipment. A built-in device that sends electrical impulses to the muscles to promote muscle contractions. Which in turn helps the muscles become stronger. The muscles naturally contract in response to electrical signals sent from the brain. It is an add-up suit that helps build muscle strength, performance, growth and relax etc.

5.Yoga Strap Exercise Gym Belt

This is another fitness product that makes it easier and more convenient to do Yoga at home. It is designed to hang along on the wall to provide support to the body, which allows people to achieve some difficult Yoga poses. Because of the great design, there is no worry of breaking or falling down. Moreover, it has large potential users as it is ideal for pilates, yoga, physical therapy exercises, and pre or post-workout stretching.

6.Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat Position Line Beginner

This is also a Yoga related product, a Yoga mat that is waterproof and non-slip. When practising yoga at home, safety is the priority, with this Yoga mat, you can focus on your thing without worrying about sliding. Moreover, it has 6mm high-density pad which will absorb the impact on the joints, provides excellent support for everyone, especially for the beginners. Available in 6 colors.

7.Relax Tissue Deep Muscle Massage Gun

This massage gun is designed to use under the condition of pre and post-exercise. 4 different massage heads are available for multiple purposes: spin massage, joints massage, whole-body massage and muscle massage. This massage gun also has high potential customer form little kids to old aged people. Because it helps activate the muscles, stimulate blood flow, greatly reduce muscle recovery time, relieve pain, and relax from head to toe. Apart from for people who do sports, old aged people also need this massage gun to help the blood flow in winter to keep legs warm. For young people who sit in the office need this massage gun to relax the muscles.