How a Small Influencer Grew Up to Big

My name is Emma and I am an influencer on Youtube. I started to work as an influencer from the beginning of 2015 when I was a college student. At that time the influencer marketing just caught on in France. I share products on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Till the end of 2018, I have obtained 13k followers together with all social media which is not a large number.

From 2015 to 2018, I have been asked by a few brands for a collaboration, but the promotion result is not as good as expected. The worst one is when I worked with the brand named “Girls” which is a clothing company. After I posted the promotion video in Youtube, more than 3000 people watched it but no one would like to buy those clothes in that video.

At the year of 2019, I began to consider promoting my own products because a lot of people around me were doing dropshipping and selling their own products by advertising products on Facebook. Of course, they need to pay for advertisements, so I was thinking why don’t I open an online store and post my products in my social media, I have a lot of followers to support my store which means I don’t need to pay for advertisements.

But at first, I need to find a good platform to open my store. One of the most popular platforms is Shopify, but it is a paid platform that I don’t like. I searched online and I found Wed2c finally which is simple to operate, free to use, share products on social media by one click, those features of Wed2c help me doing dropshipping with 0 investment.

Focus on one niche to get more followers

Although I tried a lot to get more followers like doing give away activities, creating wonderful content, collaborating with other influencers, the number of my followers doesn’t increase a lot. I realized I have to decide on one niche to go with, I can’t expect to be a “jack of all trades, master of none”. It is crucial to pick a niche that aligns with my image. After thoughtful consideration, I decided to focus on beauty products that I am more professional in. I start to upload two videos in my channel every week to make it regularly. After a month, I found that the number of my fans start to grow faster than before.

Promote products that audiences are interested in to increase the review number of video

Those beauty products that recommended in my video were chosen by myself, but it seems like my audiences are not interested in those products I promoted. My video watched by around 800 people every time which is not good for an influencer who has more than 20,000 followers.


I start to research the most profitable products in my niche that are available on Amazon. Look for products that are relevant to my niche, are high quality and profitable, and sell in high volumes. Amazon has plenty of tools to help me with this process. First, I head to Amazon and find the product category that best matches my niche, then head to, navigate to Shop by Category, and choose Beauty and Grooming. Use the available filters to search for products that best match my niche under this category. I sort my search results using the value “average customer review” to find products in the niche that have high ratings. Alternatively, I use the Amazon Bestsellers Page to identify the bestselling products under each category. And Wed2c can provide me a lower price than others and very fast shipping methods, this is also a key to get more people to buy my products.

Promoting those products which my audiences are interested makes my post watched by more and more of fans and increases the chance of my followers completing the purchase.

Let it be one platform

As an influencer, I need to have a powerful presence on the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that I should use every social media platform and distribution channel out there. Depending on my niche, certain platforms might be better suited for my content than others.

As I am a beauty blogger, I need to try every product on my video, so Youtube would work better for my content than other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. In fact, most of social media influencers prefer Youtube as it delivers the best results.

Sometimes, less is more. Focus on one platform and post in a certain time, followers will always know where and when to find my new update. Also, Wed2c has a simplified purchase process that is well-liked by my clients.

Followers like simplified operations, more platforms, and complicated purchase steps will stop part of followers purchasing products. Influencers need to get this point.

Listen to the audience to know what they want

In order to get content ideas which my followers want, I run a quick Google search for my niche. Scroll down to the bottom of search results to find the long-tail keywords that are being used by my target audiences. I also search platforms such as Quora and Reddit to get an idea of what my target audiences are talking about. I must have a deep understanding of my followers community to strike a chord with my audiences.

In addition, I paid close attention to the comments section of my Youtube video posts. It can be a goldmine of fresh content ideas that my audiences want to watch. I also conduct social media polls and asks my followers to tell me all about their preferences and what do they think about those products they bought from my store. I promised that if there any product quality problems they can ask for a refund. This encourages more people to purchase in my store.

Respond to Fans to increase engagement rate

As my audiences growing and more people start appreciating my content, they are likely to leave their feedback in DMs and comments.

Responding to each and every comment might be a herculean task. However, I replied to as many as possible. A response from my side validates the trust that my fans put in me and makes them feel more connected to me.

I make it a point to respond to the comments on my Youtube posts. By increasing the engagement rate of my Youtube channel helped me attracts an army of 87,000 loyal and devoted followers on Youtube.

Move forward

Till the end of May of 2020, over 100K followers subscribed to my Youtube channel and I have around 30 orders in my Wed2c store per day right now. I still have a long way to go which means I need to put more effort into my career. I would like to create my own branded beauty products in the future and I am so excited about it. Also, I encourage many of my friends to use Wed2c since it’s totally free and they don’t need to invest in advertisements which are suit for everybody to start their dropshipping business. I believe that our business will grow bigger and bigger by working with WED2C.