How I Got More Orders with WED2C

E-commerce is a concept that has been around for a while in this new era of rapid internet development. Nowadays, everyone is looking to make money using this model and so am I. I opened an online store myself about a year ago, but it was a real challenge to keep it running smoothly. For example, I had to negotiate with different suppliers, and it would always drive me crazy if they didn’t meet my expectation.

I saw an advertisement about WED2C on the internet by accident. It said that people can embark on their online business without any costs. This really raised my interest and I browsed their official website and app, and everything seemed to be reliable. As like everyone else, I started from my own social platform – Facebook – where I have the most friends.

WED2C offers 2 ways to earn commission. You can share products listed on WED2C with customized prices to your social platforms or websites. When customers buy the product, you get the earnings. You can also invite people to register and use WED2C. If these people share products and get orders, you will get earnings too.

After I figured out how WED2C works, I started to share their products to my own store, and I got good performance. I don’t need to struggle with procurement, logistics or after-sales problems. It saves me a lot of time, and I can put more of my attention on marketing. I did some research about what kind of products are more popular among my audience and tried to sell more. It has really helped to get me more orders.

When speaking of after-sales service, one thing immediately comes to mind. I had a buyer who filled in the delivery address incorrectly. WED2C contacted me and the buyer to check the address to make sure that the product could be received. WED2C can pinpoint incorrect information that you don’t notice very quickly. That’s very responsible.

I also created a public Facebook homepage to try to build a better relationship with my clients. I see this as a career, and I am planning to advertise my store and Facebook page. I have some traffic and steady clients now but it’s not enough. This reminds me of another advantage of WED2C. WED2C writes advertorials for top selling products, which we can use directly.

WED2C helped me get rid of many problems, and I really appreciate that. For this reason, I believe that WED2C provides us with a good opportunity to make money while offering us almost all the services we need. Why not grab this chance and have a try. There is nothing to lose.