How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter
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Winter is the coldest time of the year. It falls somewhere between October and March for most places in the world. For new mothers, you’ll probably be worried about how to keep your baby warm this winter and you should be.

When it’s freezing outside, it’s a lot more difficult for babies to regulate their body temperature. This makes them vulnerable to cold, cough and flu.

You can help keep your baby warm during the winter. You just need to have the right knowledge on how to do that, especially for the cold winter nights. So here are some tips on how to keep your baby warm in Winter.

  • Dress Your Baby Properly

Dress your little one in wears that are easy to put on and take off. You don’t want to be struggling when it’s time for a diaper change. There’s a rule that says your baby should wear one more layer than you. We think it’s a great one.

  • Maintain the Room Temperature

The key is to keep your baby not too warm or too cold. A temperature between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius will do the trick. Make sure to use a room thermometer to check. It should feel a little cozy to you if you’re dressed light.

  • Position Your Baby Right

Keep your child several feet away from air vents, fans and drafty windows where possible. Not doing this will affect how comfortable your child feels during his/her sleep. You should also close the windows and doors to prevent the cold air from entering.

  • Make Sure Your Baby’s Hands, Feet and Head Are Covered

One way that babies lose heat is through their hands, feet and their head. So, give your child an extra layer of warmth by providing a soft cap and a pair of lightweight mittens. A pair of socks to keep their feet toasty will also be great.

  • Use A Sleeping Bag

It could get so cold during the winter that a one-piece suit won’t sufficiently keep your baby warm. A wearable blanket, also known as a sleeping bag, will be quite handy here. Your baby won’t be able to kick it off so you can be sure they’ll be protected the whole time.

This baby sleeping bag is perfect for keeping your newborn warm this winter. It’ll also make sure your baby’s hands, feet and head are warm. It has three layers with significant advantages.

  • The first and outer layer does not fade, produces no lint, and is great for warmth.
  • The second layer is thick and increases the degree of warmth. It is made of imitation silk cotton.
  • The third layer is soft and made of pure cotton. It is skin-friendly and breathable, just perfect for your baby’s skin.

Keeping your baby warm during this winter will keep them safe and protect them from illness. With these tips, your baby will be warm and in the best of health throughout the winter.