How to Organize Your Closet?
(Advertorial for Foldable Wall Hanger)

Keeping your closet organized and clean plays an essential role in your personal well-being. Tidiness affects your mental health. Living in a tidy place helps you stay cheerful and enthusiastic to do your daily work. Over the last few years, many companies have tried to create multifunctional closets to help people organize their closet space with ease and make the most use of the space as well. However, for us personally, what should we do for the better organization of our closets? Here are some tips that may help.

1. Empty your closet

The first thing you should do is to empty your entire closet. This will give you an idea of how much stuff you have in your closet so you can decide what to stay and what to go. Once your closet is empty, use a vacuum or some other tools to clean it, and make sure there is no remaining dust or dirt. Starting with a clean and empty closet is very helpful for you to rearrange your stuff, it represents a new beginning.

2. Categorize your items

It is a good method to categorize your items before putting them into your closet. For example, stack all your shirts together, all pants together or all hoodies together. Not only categorization will help your closet look neat, but it also make it easier for you to find what you want.

3. Decide what to hang

When rearranging your closet, you may have a problem about handling the clothes that you do not want to fold. The solution is quite simple-to hang them. Anything fancy, delicate, or need to be ironed could always be hung. Your closet will look layered when you finished your work, and also, the tidiness will make you feel comfortable and give you a sense of accomplishment.

4. Hangers

Hanging can save a considerable amount of space, and it allows you to place even more items directly below them. However, we often meet the problem of there is no space for us to hangthings. Well, This is where the Punch-free Space Aluminum Fold-able Hanger comes in handy. 

This is a high-quality hanger which is attachable to any wall space. It only takes up minimal space so you don’t have to worry about there is no room for you to set it. Besides, there is no need to worry about whether things will fall off because it is strongly secured to the wall. Also, It is extremely easy to install and the instruction is printed on the box. 

It can be hung in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, offices, hotels, and even on your balcony. It is waterproof so don’t worry about it will be damaged by water. You can hang clothes, towels, coats and many other things. It comes with two hangers and a rod. The rod is placed between the two hangers. Its foldable design makes it a great investment for people who want to save space.