How to Start Your Own Business for Free
with WED2C | APP Tutorial No.1

Have you encountered obstacles while using WED2C to start your online business and don’t know what to do? There’s no need to worry! Check this blog, it will show you step by step how to use the WED2C app so that you can begin your e-commerce journey. You will be more familiar with the features of WED2C, including how to select products, share on social media, invite friends to join and withdraw your profits, everything you need to know to help you promote your business efficiently!

Why Choose WED2C?

Nowadays, dropshipping has become a popular business model especially during this period. The pandemic has caused rapid development of the dropshipping business. Dropshipping has become a preference for people living in places where lockdowns are implemented, it’s the best way to start your own online business at home, even if you’re not forced to stay indoors!

WED2C is a dropshipping platform with a massive selection of products, efficient logistics, practical marketing tools, and perfect after-sales service. With WED2C, you can enjoy a great deal of services for free!

1.Customize markup prices
2.New products available everyday
3.Free inventory
4.Effective marketing tools
5.Referral Rewards
6.Convenient withdrawal
7.Real time logistics
8.Excellent after-sales service

Now, let’s see how we can use WED2C to start a business!

How to Register and Log In to WED2C?
  • First and foremost, you need the WED2C APP which you can download and install from Google Play or the App store.
    You will be taken to a login page when you open your WED2C app. If you do not have an account as yet, click “Register” and enter your email address and password for a new account.
  • Next, choose a name for your account. It is recommended that you choose a name that represents your online business.
  • Then tell us your basic information and the type of products you want to sell. This will assist us in preparing an accurate selection of products and recommendations for you.

Don’t worry, WED2C protects your information in strict accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Congrats! You have successfully registered as a business owner! You will now see a navigation bar with 4 buttons at the bottom of the homepage: (Home, New, Blog, and Mine.) Where do we start? Keep reading!

Receive more referral commission by inviting more friends to join WED2C!

How to Make Money by Selling Products?

On WED2C, you can increase your selling price and share all the products for sale on your social media platform without having to bear the pressure of managing orders, storage, or shipping.

  • On the WED2C homepage, select or search for the products you want to recommend to the people around you and click “share”.

You can add your own profit onto our our platform’s base price as long as you are confident that you can sell it. Add as much as you want. This part is completely up to you. The price difference you earn will not be displayed to others and your customers will only see the price you have set.

Forward the products to your customers after you have added your commission. When your customers complete a purchase and receive the order without requesting after-sales problems, you will get the commission for the order.

How to Gain Rewards by Inviting Friends to Join?

You might be tempted to conceal such a great business platform from your friends, but by being generous and inviting your friends to join us you can earn even more!

  • To invite a friend, click “Mine” on the homepage to enter your personal page where you can manage your account.
  • Click on “Invitation Rewards” to be redirected to detailed instructions on how to claim and upgrade rewards.
  • To continue, click “Invite Friends” at the bottom, choose how you want to invite your friends to join us, and start sharing!

After your friend has registered and logged into their WED2C account, an amount of $4 will appear in your WED2C account, and $1 will appear in your referral’s. This reward can be withdrawn once your referral receives the profit of his or her first order. Want to know if your referrals have gotten their first profit?

  • Go back to the Invitation Instructions page and click “My Invitation” on the upper right corner. Here, you will see the status of all your invitations, including the number of friends you have invited, and the number of successful referrals, in other words, your friends who have made their first profit on WED2C.

Receive more referral commission by inviting more friends to join WED2C!

How to Withdraw Your Earnings? (Paypal)

When a customer places an order, your biggest concern must be “When will I be able to get my earnings!”

After the buyer has received the product and does not return the product within the after-sales period, you will immediately get your earnings of this order.

  • This earning will be displayed in your personal account page in “Mine Earning”. All withdrawable earnings will be transferred from “Mine Earnings” to “Mine Balance”.
  • Once your earning are in “Mine Balance”, click “Withdraw”, select your withdrawal method, input your withdrawal details, and click “Next”. You will need to verify your email before you can submit your withdrawal request.

After submitting your request, you will be taken to the withdrawal result page, where you can check the withdrawal account, amount, time and estimated withdrawal arrival time.

Once your withdrawal application has been approved, your earnings will be successfully withdrawn!

Please note that:

  • Paypal is the only withdrawal method currently supported.
  • You must withdraw a minimum of $10 USD per withdrawal, and you can withdraw up to 3 times a month.

Now you know the main functions of the WED2C app, but that’s just the beginning of it. In the next blog, we will guide you through the process of selecting and sharing products. We will show you how your customers can place orders, contact customer support and request for after-sales service.

Don’t miss it!