How to Start Your Own Business for Free
with WED2C? | APP Tutorial No.2

Have you checked the first app tutorial blog? If you haven’t seen that yet, you can check it out here. If you want to learn more about how you can use your WED2C app to start-up your online business, let’s go!

How to select products?

On WED2C, there are 4 ways you can select products:
1. Recommendations on the homepage
2. Search bar
3. New products page
4. Blog page

- Select from the "Home" page

The products on the “Home” page are carefully recommended to you based on the categories you selected when registering. Pull down the “Home” page to view more recommendations, and choose the products you want to share!

- Select from "New" Products page

WED2C adds new products every day. If you want to share new products, click “New” on the navigation bar to view a list of the latest products you can choose from.

- select from the "Blog" page

The “Blog” page can be accessed through the third button in the navigation bar. “Blog” is a special marketing method WED2C provides for you. “Blog” is a collection of marketing article that introduce the functions and advantages of the product, which aim to encourage and increase sales. You can share these articles directly to social media platforms to attract customers to buy the product.

- Search for your desired product

At the top of the “Home” page, the search bar allows you to search for specific products. Searching for keywords (the first letter in uppercase) will show you all related products.

How to Set Your Selling Price Before Sharing Products?

All the products and blogs on WED2C are free for you to share. You can share them directly to Facebook, or copy product links or download pictures and share them on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform. You can also share via email and SMS. Share according to your preference.

As a business owner, your main profit is the price difference (in other words, the difference between the base price and the selling price that you set).

Set a markup price before sharing the product on social media. WED2C supports setting markup prices for single product, multiple new products, and multiple products from “Blog”.

1. Set markup price for single product

Click the “Share” button at the bottom of the product card on the “Home” page or click the “Share” button on the product detail page to enter the product sharing page. You can choose the Default Price or choose to customize a price. The Customized Price has to be higher than the Cost Price shown on the right.

If you choose “Default Price”, the “Current Earning” is the lowest profit set for you.

If you choose “Customized Price”, the “Current Earning” will be the lowest profit plus the profit you have added yourself, that is, the “Customized Price” minus the “Cost Price”.

After setting the price, select the social media or sharing method to complete the sharing.

2. Set Markup price for multiple new products

When sharing products from the “New” products page, you can choose to share one or multiple products together.

When you select multiple products, click “Share” and you will enter the sharing page, where you can set the “Profit Ratio” for selected products one at a time. Note that your markup price is calculated by percentage.

After setting the price, select how you want to share you products.

3. Set price for products from "Blog"

Click the “Share” button on the “Blog” page or the “Share” button on the “Blog” details page. You can set the “Profit Ratio” for each product and use the various methods to share.

Setting your own selling price is easy, try it out now!

How to make purchases? How to place orders?

If a buyer is interested in the products you shared and wants to place an order, all they have to do is click the link you shared, enter the product detail page, choose specifications and quantity, and click “Buy Now”.

If the customer has questions about the product, he can contact you through the “Chat” button on the lower left corner of the same page. Remind him to save the link for this product for future reference. The link must be opened using the same method each time.

Shipping addresses must be valid and accurate, otherwise your goods will not be delivered.

Finally, click “Submit” to pay for the order.

We only accept payments using PayPal and Credit Card currently. Share more to sell more to maintain a steady flow of sales revenue!

How to contact Support? How to check customer support messages?

Contact Support if you encounter any problems with WED2C.

There is a small bell icon on the upper right corner of the “Home” page. If you haven’t stumbled upon it as yet, click here to enter the message page. Customer support has been pinned to this page for you and is available at any time.

When a customer sends you a message to consult about a product, their message will also be displayed on this page.

You can also contact Support by clicking the “Chat” button at the bottom of the product detail page as well as the recommendations and blog detail pages. Our support will reply to your message without delay.

How to check order and shipping status?

When a customer has placed an order and paid through the product link you shared, you can check the status of this order on your personal account page.

Click “Mine” on the navigation bar, and click on “All Orders” at the bottom of the page to view the details of all “Settled”, “Unsettled” and “Canceled” orders.

You can view the product name, order number, order time, settlement time, order amount and earnings.

How do customers contact you?

When a customer clicks on a product link you shared, they can initiate a conversation using the “Chat” button at the left bottom of this page.
You are able to check customer messages at any time by clicking the bell icon on the upper right corner of the “Home” page.

How can customers check order and shipping status?

If your customer wants to check the status of their order, all they have to do is open the same product link you shared in the same manner as when they placed the order. “My Orders” at the button left will redirect them to the order list page where all their orders will be shown.

The “Track” button will take you to all the logistics details.

How to apply for after-sales service?

WED2C provides a worry-free return policy. If a customers is not satisfied with an order, he or she can apply for after-sales service within 7 days upon receiving the product.

Similarly, they will need to access the link you shared and click “My Orders” to enter the order list page. Click on “After-sales” below the order card (ordered item), select the reason you are requesting for after-sales service, specify your reason, upload pictures pertaining to the issue you are having with the product, and click “Next”.

Submit the application after selecting the specific after-sales request.

Customer support will review the after-sales application and give a solution within 48 hours.

Well, that about wraps it up for our WED2C tutorial. If there are any uncertainties about any of the details that we mentioned, or if you have any other questions about the WED2C app, please let us know by contact support on WED2C APP or you are welcome to send email to We care about your feedback and we will be actively addressing any issues you may have!