How To Store Your Glass Cups
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There has been a bit of a debate on how to store glasses for the longest time. Some people say rim up while the others say rim down. How do you store your glass cups and do you know why? For many people, the way they store their wine glasses depends on where they grew up.

If you grew up seeing your mum store her glasses down, chances are you’ll be doing the same. The kind of storage space and cabinet you have could also affect how you choose to store your glass cups. Which is correct, and why? Here are a few words about both methods so you can see for yourself and decide.

- The Glass Rim Up Store

Most people who store their glasses rim up do so because it seems natural. That is the way we drink out of them, after all. Some people also believe that it’s a way to avoid moisture from getting trapped inside them. They could also be aiming to avoid wet rim marks on their storage cabinet. So, after washing their wine glasses, they store them upright.

- The Glass Rim Down Storage

The people who store their glasses with the rim down also have their reasons. They believe that if placed rim up, dust could settle inside the glass. Leaving the glasses rim up also seems to take up more cabinet space depending on the type of glasses that you have. They aim to avoid this by storing them rim down. So, they wash their glasses, dry them and then store them upside down.

- The Both

People who store their glasses in a mixed way don’t have most of these worries. What they do care about, however, is space. So, they alternate the glasses between rim up and rim down, believing that it will take up less space in the cabinet.

- So, Which Is Right?

The answer to this question is not really straightforward, as both have strong points. If your glasses are delicate and pricey, storing them rim down could put weight on them and cause them to possibly break. So, in that case, rim up might be the better option.

For your other everyday glasses, storing rim down might be better because it will help keep the inside a little bit cleaner. The best option however is to use a rack to store upside down. It won’t cause rim marks. It’ll keep the dust out of your glass. There will also be no weight on the rim causing it to break. The rack can help to conserve space and make it easier to store your glass after washing too.

This Cup Storage Rack Creative Tensile Drain is eco-friendly and great for storing your glasses. It meets the criteria of avoiding dust while keeping the rims off the surface. That way there is no wet rim stain and your rim won’t be under pressure. This rack will also help conserve space in your home so you don’t have to worry about alternating your glasses up and down.