How to Use Your Blog to Sell Products?

Blogging is one of the oldest internet-based methods to share information. 26 years had passed away since the first blog was introduced in 1994, thousands of bloggers take writing blog as a way to make money online. No matter what area bloggers are in, and when it comes to making money online, a high chance they will land in selling products. To stand out among different blogs, the skill needed is not just writing skills anymore. In order to monetize your blog, having a plan and a profound understanding of how is essential in order to have sales.

After reading this blog, you will have much clearer ideas to build your own blog. Let’s start with the title.

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  • Title

A good title would attract the reader’s attention and click your blog. You only have 3 seconds to let a reader decide whether or not come and read your post, that is through reading your title. An inappropriate title would drive no traffic regardless of how well the content is. Normally, an appropriate title would have followed elements:

1. Relevant to the content.

The main aim of a title is to tell people what your article is all about. Some titles like “Must Read” or “Best post ever” would be removed from the consideration.

2. Engage with your readers

The engagement with readers is key when thinking of an appropriate title. Most readers are searching for information that is applied to them rather than just hearing your opinion. In most cases, they are not interested in what you are thinking, but something they can use. For instance, a title like “Blog title is important” is less attractive compared with “5 reasons why blog title is important”.

Moreover, try to be as short as possible as a long title like “the discussion of a good title which would help your blog becomes attractive with the example shown” would make readers fall asleep.

3. Take advantage of people’s curiosity

Another approach is to use people’s curiosity to let your blog more attractive. Try not to distil 100% of your article’s content into the title. Leave a “click in” or “read on” moment by grabbing readers attention with their curiosities. For instance, a blog called “5 ways to minimize the risk of COVID-19 (everybody is doing)” would grab people’s attention and make them want to read.

  • Aim of Your Blog

Bear in mind that the aim of your blog is not to make sales, if you always have the mind of sales-driven when writing a blog post, you will not be liked by readers. Because nowadays people are overexposed by purely sales orientated blogs, most of them are not having a positive impression on a blog that are sales orientated.

Alternatively, focusing on building trust, credibility, profile and perception of expertise while trying to create a loyal and engaging community around your blog is the priority thing to do. It is under this occasion you will be able to make more sales.

  • Build Your Audience

Build your audience means more potential customers. Building a bigger audience is every blogger should be focused on. Unlike face to face sales, selling the product through a blog is not something you can see the result immediately. The best way to build your blog is to offer quality content that adds value to readers’ lives, and the content that can be wildly spread among them. Based on this point, create some contents that related to hot topic happened in the society at the moment. For example, the US presidential election which is happening when this article is published. You could write something around this topic to gain fresh traffic, but make sure it is somehow related to the niche you are in.

  • Be Consistent

Posting blog regularly is the fundamental thing to do as it shows your dedication to creating content, and you are concern with your readers. People want to read a new thing, so does Google. Google algorithm loves fresh content for many reasons because on average, people who stayed on a blog which is posted regularly longer than some random out of dated pages. So Google and other search engines would recommend pages that people have stayed longer, and down rate the pages that people show up and leave immediately. So post regularly is never the wrong thing to do.

  • Don’t Be Overzealous

There are many bloggers who get overzealous when selling their products on the blog, to an extent they neglect the original motivation to click into your blog: get valuable information. One suggestion is showing your expertise through the blog post, if you do this, you will not lose readers and convert them into buyers.

  • Topic

Here are 4 suggested styles that can be considered when choosing the topic of your blog when you want to sell products.

1. Expert’s Suggestion Style

By adopting this style, a profound understanding of the product is needed. Readers want to get products’ information as detailed as possible. But you are not just telling the details of the product, instead, providing them with the reason why they need to buy is the focus. Give your reader a solid reason to buy, why they need to buy, what are the advantage of the product, how to buy. Remember readers will treat you like an expert so your suggestion will be valuable to them, if your advice is persuasive, they are likely to place the order.

2. Combination of Multiple Products Style

Titles like “Top 10 Wireless Earphones to Buy In 2020” or “5 Useful Kitchen Gadgets” are always attractive. This kind of style combine multiple products into one blog, people are interested because it saves time for selecting and comparing products themselves. Adding your products into the list and offering the advantage of products is a good way to go.

3. Leveraging Hot Topic or Season Style

Leveraging hot topic that is happening right now in the society would help your blog gain traffic. Check news every day on the internet is necessary as it gives you an idea of what is happening around the world. Or leverage the news in your product niche. For example, if you are in digital products field when Apple introduced the iPhone 12, it grabs people’s interest as many media is reporting this. If you write a blog that has something to do with the phone, like phone accessories, wireless charger, that would lead you traffic.

Moreover, leverage seasonal theme is a way to sell products. For example, when winter is about to come, write a blog that is about “5 Products to Keep You Warm” would be a good choice.

4. Advertorial Style

Advertorials is kind of an advertisement that is subtly integrated into an article. For example, if you want to sell a product in the pet niche, “2 in 1 Portable Pet Toilet Picker”. This is a product that helps you clean pet’s poop when you are outside. If you write an advertorial, you could discuss “the necessity of walking the pet”, “what is the best time to take your pet out”. By discussing the topic that is related to “pet”, “walk the pet”, “environment”, and gradually introduce “2 in 1 Portable Pet Toilet Picker”. People won’t notice and would arise purchase intention without a sense of rejection.

  • Design

Last but not least, a well-designed blog page would leave a positive impression to readers, which may advocate them to visit your blog again. A high resolution of the product image is a must, an appropriate text font is also a factor that people trust you or not. Moreover, having a theme color would build your identity and stand out among your competitors.

  • Conclusion

Selling products through a blog is a comparatively long-term work to do, focus on building self-reputation and create a reader community is more important than just selling things. There are many factors that would influence you selling products on the blog. Having a good title would help you attract the new potential customer. Posting regularly would show your commitment and gain loyal readers. Furthermore, choosing one of the styles to introduce your product would be ideal to generate sales. Last, make sure your blog looks nice and well design matter a lot when you want to provide good user experience and let them stay longer in your blog.

Go and adapt these tips, hope you could make more sales by blogging.