Learn How to Improve Your Makeup Skills in 3 Minutes (Advertorial for Makeup Mirror)

Do you struggle to get that perfect look while putting on makeup? Do you always feel like something is missing or that you’ve put a product on incorrectly? Keep reading to find out how you can achieve a flawless look with only a few steps without having to go through long YouTube videos.

1. Understand your skin type

 When it comes to makeup, you must be familiar with your skin type. There are different products out there for dry, oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. Once you are familiar with your skin, it is easy to figure out what products will suit you. Usually, acne-prone skin is extremely sensitive which is why people with acne have to be very careful when trying out something new. Similarly, people with dry skin struggle with makeup as it begins to look flakey, while people with oily skin find it difficult to ensure that their makeup stays on and does not melt away due to the oil on their face.

2. Moisturize

No matter whatever your skin type is, this is a step you must not miss. Even if the weather is extremely hot and you have oily skin, use a less greasy moisturizer or apply a serum but make sure you do not skip this step. When your face does not have a moisturizer on, it is prone to skin problems like acne, pimples and just generally breaks you out as there is no layer to protect it. Furthermore, it helps your makeup glide on your skin easily and especially if you have dry skin, it will help keep the skin hydrated.

3. Use a primer 

Some people have big pores that are more obvious when they put on foundation or concealer, some want a smooth final look all of which is achievable through a primer. A primer is supposed to prepare your skin for makeup. You should put on a primer and let it sit on your skin for a few minutes to do its work before you get started with your base. This will help you achieve a flawless look, will help your makeup stay on for longer and, hide those pores that can ruin a good makeup look. 

4. Blending is the key

Makeup is all about blending and doing that perfectly. Do not try to speed up the process because it will not work out instead give it time, be patient, and make sure you blend enough whether that is base, concealer, or eye shadow. They all require enough blending to give the best results.

A makeup mirror that will help with your makeup process

Having a good makeup mirror is important when applying makeup. It saves you time and provides better result if you have a good one. Touch Screen Makeup Mirror is a three-in-one product that has lights, a mirror, and a speaker. This product allows you to do your makeup even on the go as you can easily carry it. The light ensures that even if you do not have good lighting around you will not have to worry as this mirror has got you covered! The lights can also be dimmed as per your requirements so that you can easily do your makeup in your preferred lighting.

The magnifying glass helps ensure that you can look at yourself properly and easily put on makeup without having to move closer to the mirror. When doing eye shadows or eyeliner, many people struggle because they are too far from the mirror. This multipurpose product solves that problem!

The speaker in the mirror allows you to connect a device through Bluetooth and play music while you put on makeup and get ready. Sounds fantastic no? Well, you can also get this product and it’s not too expensive and a great investment for you to do makeup.