My Story with WED2C

My name is Johnathan, I am a 23-year-old young man who just graduated from college in LA, U.S.  I am looking to establish myself in e-commerce in this era of the rapid development of the Internet. I have watched a lot of videos about e-commerce since being in college and was motivated to do this business. So, I decided to have a try with my passion, motivation, and dream. However, things did not go the way I imagined. Last year, when I was just about to start selling on the internet, the economy of the whole world seemed to collapse, and so I decided to wait until it recovered. After a few months, I realized that the best time to start an online business was now, so I got started.

Frustrated trial and error period trying to find the best platform

I looked up on the internet to see which platforms were the best for opening an online store. I did a lot of research, read countless reviews and spent a ton of time trying to launch my store on an ideal and reliable platform. However, as you may know, different people have different opinions and will therefore give different suggestions. You will never find the “best” until you try them yourself. I decided to test them out myself, and it took me literally 3 months to finally decide on this unique and trustworthy platform.

Today my store is getting well-known in my social circle and is making more profits day by day, and I am very glad to be sharing my experience with you.

Major burdens of running an online store

There were a lot of ways for me to open an online store, but I found that many platforms were inconvenient and have a lot of disadvantages. For instance, I used to pay “entrance fee” to a platform so that I can use it normally. Generally, it costed $79 dollars per month for rental, although I did not want to, especially in the first few months when I had no idea of how profitable my store was going to be. It was a risky commitment.

Apart from that, I also had to decide what specific products to sell even though I wasn’t good at market research or data analysis. These were some reasons that forced me to switch from one platform to another.

However, switching from platform to platform did not solve my problems at all. I still had to face the worries of inventory, suppliers, barriers, after-sales and operating cost etc. These disadvantages not only wasted a large amount of my time, but also costed me a great deal of money.

I felt so distressed, but I didn’t want to give up.

What is WED2C?


One day, a friend of mine recommended me a platform that I hadn’t used before. He was very successful in e-commerce, so I did what he suggested to me to. I started to use an app called WED2C.

WED2C is a platform where I can embark on my online business easily without the cost of money. It is totally free. They offer products, and I can just share the products I pick on my website or my social media platforms. I tested it first by myself to make sure it’s as good as the ad said. I shared some products on my Facebook and Snapchat. Luckily, I got my first sale in a week. So I thought maybe it’s gonna work!

Why is WED2C?

1. Risk-free due to dropshipping business model

I find it is a good choice to start my business with WED2C. Let me explain from the following three points. First of all, it is free. This point is very important for students like me as we don’t have much money to manage the business. Secondly, it is risk-free. In the past, most of my time and money were spent on maintaining my inventory, and I would lose a lot of money if some products didn’t sell well. But now, even if I fail, I have nothing to lose. Thirdly, it is super convenient. I don’t need to worry about the stock thing and the shipping thing. All I need to do is share products I like to my social media.

2. Worry-free & Focus on marketing only

Speaking of marketing, which is another reason why I think WED2C stands out among others, as I mentioned before, I used to spend a lot of money on procurement and shipping. Thanks to the dropshipping model of WED2C, I can put my attention on marketing, for example, doing some research to find out what products my customers really like, making full use of my social circle.

3. No need to choose products myself

I now have time to go cycling every weekend with friends, go swimming on Wednesday nights regularly and have dinner with friends, and I get to spend more time together with my family. I was never able to do these things before as most of my time was spent on choosing what products to sell and analyzing data to figure out what was profitable. What surprises me is that WED2C recommends winning products based on their great data analysis. I can just directly share them on my own website and social media and start making profits. When customers need after-sales service WED2C also offers professional support to meet their needs.

4. Marketing material prepared

Another exciting thing is that WED2C prepares promotion material for us, including the words, pictures and advertorials about products. That is crazy. I can use the material I need from their website or app directly, which really saves me a lot of time and energy. 

Thanks to WED2C, today my business is doing a good job. Now I am planning to invest some money to increase my traffic. I know WED2C provides a lot of benefits, but I still need to put in some effort myself because I want to make it my career not just a part-time job. I hope my story will give you some inspiration for starting an online business!