Taking a seat with you everywhere you go is an excellent idea.

But it’s not just any seat. We are talking about one that is foldable and easy to transport.

This seat can be your ally in a variety of situations and locations.

That’s why we’re going to tell you a little about the Portable Seat Mini Portable Outdoor Telescopic Folding Stool.

  • Why should you buy the Portable Seat Mini Portable Outdoor Telescopic Folding Stool?

Because this seat can help you in many different situations. No matter what activities you do, it can be of great use to you.

You can use it in your daily life as well as during your vacations or days off.

It is made for waiting, camping, hiking, fishing, office, and leisure. If you are not an adventurous and nature-loving person, it will still make your life easier.

The Portable Seat Mini Portable Outdoor Telescopic Folding Stool is perfect for outdoor events such as concerts and theme park visits.

It is ideal to rest while waiting for transportation or to attend any service.

It is a wise way to invest your money. We are sure you will need it at some point.

  • All the details you want to know about the stool!

ABS, the material it is made of, gives it a lot of resistance and durability.

This material makes this product light and easy to handle.

How much does this seat weigh? It weighs only 1.1 pounds.

Now let’s talk about its size:

    · When folded, it has a size of 17 centimeters long by 7 centimeters wide.

    · When unfolded, the seat measures 33 centimeters wide and has a height of 67 centimeters.

If you haven’t seen pictures of the product, you’ll want to know its shape.

    · When folded, it takes the form of a cylinder. Similar to a canned beverage, but a little larger.

    · Unfolded, it has a shape similar to a crutch.

What is its color? This lightweight folding seat is available in black.

It is embossed with the words “Portable Telescopic Stool.”

  • Characteristics and advantages

Still not convinced? Take a look at the following features.

    · One of its main advantages is its size. It is so short that it will not cause any problem when transporting it.

    · It won’t take you more than a minute to install it. Do it carefully and according to the instructions.

    · Just open the seat and unfold the base without difficulty. You can rest on it immediately.

    · It is small and compact enough to carry in your luggage or even by hand. You can travel anywhere with it and know that you won’t have to wait on your feet for any reason.

    · The Portable Seat Mini Portable Outdoor Telescopic Folding Stool can support about 100 kg of weight.


Just a word of warning. Avoid falls with the Portable Seat Mini Portable Outdoor Telescopic Folding Stool. Make sure you master your balance before using it.

After learning about its features and advantages, you will be surprised by its low cost. Don’t think twice and get yours right now.

This seat will only bring nothing but pure joy in your life.