Post On Various Social Media Platforms
to Improve Your E-Commerce Business

How do you post to get as much customers interested as possible?

You need to start up and manage your social media page in steps and with rhythm. If you try to promote your products on social media right off the bat, you won’t be able to make the most out of it. People don’t have a clear understanding of who you are, what you’re selling, or why they should buy your product over any other company’s. Start by building your social media business page. Give people the chance to get to know who you are and trust and accept you. Only then will they trust that what you are promoting will actually benefit them.

  • Layout the foundation of your page and warm up your audience.

Let’s take Facebook for example. You can make an entirely new page on Facebook dedicated to your online business. Before you proceed further, you need to lay out its foundation in order to build an engaging page and warm up your audience to reach sales goals. During this stage, you are forming the main image of your page and essentially your business.


There are two elements to this:

  1. Profile picture and background. Set the name of your business on your page where it is convenient and noticeable. Upload a profile picture and cover that is relevant to the products or services you are offering. Update these periodically to illustrate the development of your business.
  2. Captivating and engaging content. Any content that you post must be clear and refined. It is best if you can include your business watermark. You can also consider using photo and video editing tools to create innovative content that will leave a strong impression on your followers.


There are two points that you can follow when building your image through your posts:

  1. Post something about your personal life. This will increase understanding and form trust and recognition. Let it be about real life moments that you can emphasize. Your personal posts can be about your family and friends or your everyday life so that your followers know that you are real, and so they can get an understanding of who you are.
  2. Allow your customers to see that you are on the same page with them by sharing your genuine feelings and opinions on specific topics. This will help shape the image of you and your business and generate positive energy that your followers will be able to pick up.


Why should you post about your own life?

Have you ever thought about why you share on social media? As a business owner selling on social media, it’s important to create helpful content that will make your audience’s, as well as their audience’s, lives better in some way.

Trusting that or the belief that someone or something can be relied on what they say they will do is a key element of social relationships. It is critical for trust to form in any relationship, friendship, interaction between strangers or any large scale social group. Lack of trust can be detrimental to any business. The sense that one can depend on you lays in the groundwork of your social exchange that yields benefits like affection, a sense of security, and achievements that wouldn’t be possible alone.

When you create content, consider that you are creating a persona that fits the audience’s interest, someone who they can rely on to solve their problems. You wouldn’t buy anything from someone you don’t trust and your audience is no different. Trust forms as you deepen your interactions with your customers. A greeting will lead to conversations about specific topics, sharing opinions and views, sharing feelings, and exposing vulnerability. When you post about real-life events on your social media pages, your followers know that they are interacting with a real-life person and not a cold advertising machine. This will bring your customers to trust you even more.

User-generated content and positive customer reviews are also great ways to show your audience that others are already happy customers of your brand and showcase your honesty about your products.

So, it is critical that you lay out your foundation before you begin to post on your social media pages.


Posting about your life is to let your customers understand you, recognize you, trust you and resonate with you. Tell your story, let your followers understand why you chose this path or why you are providing specific products or services.

Keep In Mind:

1.You may feel like you are unable to express yourself, but all you need to do is be genuine. It’s like writing a diary. Talk about your feelings about a topic or an event and record your emotions.  

2.Imagine that what you’re posting is a dialogue or scene in real life. Imagine that your post is someone listening and you are talking to them.

3.Be optimistic and carry positive energy. Provide continuous inspiration and motivation with lively and heartwarming news about your daily life and progress. Showcase your own character and your peculiarities.

4.When it comes to sharing, you may not have an influence on your audience in the beginning, but the more effort you put in, the more it will pay off.

5.Increase your followers’ feeling of belonging in the same group, struggling with the same issues and solving problems together.  

  • Pave the path that you want your business to take:

After you have taken the time to form the image of you and your business on your social media page, you can start posting information pertaining to your business. Make mention of life related reasons for starting your business so that your customers can be certain that you are relatable and capable of providing them with what they need.   


For example:

Share the latest trending products along with detailed information about how they work and what problems they solve. Express your own opinion on how it helped you in real life. You should also guide people along their shopping journey by clearing out any of their doubts. You can go as far as asking questions your customers haven’t thought of that will encourage them to seek answers through your products.


Keep In Mind:

1.Not every single post will get a lot or the same amount of viewers, likes or comments. But the more useful content you provide, the more results you will get. Actively guide your followers to your posts and keep them interested.

2.Be careful with the wording in your posts. Use motivational words that carry positive energy to prevent them from feeling dispirited.

  • Make use of conversation screenshots:

You can use screenshots of your conversations with clients to illustrate your reliability and honesty, or how your product or service has improved the lives of your customers. This is a great way to put emphasis on why they should buy your products. This also provides proof of your honesty in the image that you built, and it contributes to intensifying your customers’ trust.

  • Thank your customers for their support and trust wholeheartedly:

Once you get orders, communicate with your customers and share the feelings and emotions that changed along the entire process. Clear their doubts and elaborate on how communicating with them helped to improve your own self. You will improve your image, even more, when your customers see how grateful you are for their support and trust and how hardworking and reliable you are.


Keep In Mind:

1.Be thankful to your customers for expressing any doubts.

2.Express your gratitude publicly and privately via messages to your customers.

3.Express your determination in this career.

4.These posts are not only for your supporters to see, but also for the people who do not trust you yet but have the potential to. Your efforts will ameliorate the precautions they have holding them back from trusting you.

  • Introduce your store:

Once you have laid out your foundation and paved your path, start sharing your sales and formally introduce your business.

– Choose a time when your customers are most active on social media. This is usually after lunch, between 4pm-5pm, and 8pm-10pm.

– During the evening when your customers are wrapping up their day and reflecting on everything that they endured or experienced, post something enlightening to lift their spirits and give them a small boost of energy to finish off their day.

– After every sale you make, share more content and remain enthusiastic in your posts.

– Do not be inconsistent. Inconsistency will make your followers perceive you as impatient and irresponsible and leave them with a bad impression that can drive them away from trusting you.



When copywriting on your social media page, your contents need to acknowledge the needs of your customers. Through communication with them, you can get a better understanding of what they care most about and the products that they are most interested in. Write your copies according to the knowledge that you gather from communicating with your customers, and share the products that spark your audience’s interest.


After you post, you need to be able to comprehend how your followers feel after seeing your content. Collect their feedback and make adjustments to your posting strategy.  


How do you post about products?

  1. A lot of start-up businesses usually run test orders to see how the complete checkout experience works as well as the entire order process including the quality of the product. Experience first hand what you are offering your customers so that you can provide them with satisfactory results. Sharing your experience with your own product and the process of ordering and receiving it is more effective than several advertisements together.
  2. For each product that you promote, use different text formats such as bold or italics, or different font styles to highlight the key characteristics and unique features of the product. WED2C also provides you with creative marketing content that you can obtain from the blog page to promote any product that you share from the platform. WED2C blog promotes products in the form of articles that illustrate the functional specifications of the product.
  3. Posts on your main page should make mention of your business name to increase recognition and help people remember you more easily. Use every single opportunity you get in every single post to implant a memory into your customers, leave a good impression, and increase your popularity.
  • Share a variety of screenshots to increase publicity:

After you have introduced your business on your page, there will be prospective customers wanting to contact you to inquire about a product or even your business journey using WED2C. You can send them screenshots of feedback from your customers to promote what you are selling or doing. Take advantage of people’s herd mentality. Sometimes all it takes is to see someone else doing something or trusting someone for them to become curious and interested.

There are four types of screenshots that you can share to increase publicity:

  1. Customer Reviews

The value of a customer’s evaluation is much greater than your own. For instance, when shopping online, you will definitely look at product reviews. Shoppers will leave comments, and these comments often determine whether or not there will be more customers placing an order. Comments can be positive or negative, but in the case of negative feedback, it is your own duty to resolve any issues that your customers experience until they come to a satisfactory conclusion. Your business page must include positive feedback as well as any negative feedback that you have successfully resolved.

Keep In Mind:

When posting customer reviews, don’t be repetitive in the content type, such as text, photos or videos, or the review itself. Update your customers with feedback that you’re getting as you’re getting them. Don’t share the same excellent review every week throughout the entire year.


  1. Affiliate Reviews

When you invite people to join WED2C, you can get rewards. You can share your experience recruiting your affiliate, as well as your affiliate’s experience, with your viewers to encourage them to become your affiliate, which will gain you even more rewards.

  1. Consultations

Customers who inquire about a product or want to know about WED2C will be able to get more information just by looking at screenshots of previous consultations that you had with other interested customers and clients. Show your followers the continuously growing amount of people who are buying your product or joining WED2C. Your success will attract more customers and affiliates.

  1. Orders

As a seller, you need to continuously encourage people to buy your products. After a customer has made a purchase, you can share a screenshot to show how popular your product is becoming. Be honest with these orders and do not use any editing tools to deceive your customers. Post frequently but do not bombard your page and your followers with screenshots of people’s orders.

  • Tell a story:

Tell the story of how you became successful in this industry with your products and WED2C. Every stage of your journey is a story in itself and is potentially great content for gaining followers. Establish your image with your stories and build influence.

  • Promote the platform:

Promote the advantages of WED2C and tell people why you chose to work with WED2C. Refer people to the Youtube videos and blog articles, and invite others to join your team using your referral link to gain affiliate rewards.

  • Become an expert and provide value:

In addition to posting about your products, you must provide posts with value. Posts that contain useful information pertaining to how your customers can solve the problems that they are facing will bring them to trust you more.

For example, in light of the recent pandemic, you might be selling goods such as masks and gloves. Rather than posting only about the different types of masks or gloves that you are selling, post about other measures that your customers can take to prevent becoming infected or falling ill, such as eating the right foods to boost their immune system.

Your customers know that they want your products, but they need reasons to trust that you are selling them what they need.

  • The External Frame of Social Media Posts

The external frame of posting on social media is the frequency in which you post. The purpose of posting is to attract interested customers to buy a product or join WED2C. You must stand from their perspective and strive to improve their experience.

If you post too frequently you may come off as annoying and turn people away, especially if most or all of your posts are trying to convince them into buying something or joining WED2C. Your audience might even begin to unfollow you or block you.

Excessively frequent product promoting posts hold no value to social media viewers and they can choose to remove themselves from your circle. Adjust the frequency of your posts according to how active your followers are on your page.

  • Additional Points:

– posts on your page must be in various formats: text, pictures, videos

– all content should be positive, valuable, true, and not purely sales

– avoid frequent posting, choose peak times to post

– post regularly and orderly by scheduling and classifying your posts

– perseverance is key