Simple Home Remedies for Neck Pain
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Neck pain is an occasional problem for lots of people. A large proportion of people experience stiffness and neck pain so often that they get used to it at some point in time. Poor posture and overuse can cause neck pain, and injury from a fall or contact sports can also be responsible.

Most of the time, your neck pain is not so serious and you can improve your condition in just a few days with some simple home remedies. However, if your neck pain is severe or continues for more than a week and if other symptoms are present, please see a doctor.

For mild cases of neck pain that can be treated at home, there are many causes. Maybe there is tension in your muscles, or your muscles are strained. This could be because of poor posture or sleeping with your neck in a bad position. Working at a desk for too long can also pose problems.

If you find yourself suffering from neck pain, the following remedies can help to relieve it.

  • Take Pain Relievers

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are great over the counter pain relievers that can help with pain and inflammation in your neck. So, for your neck pain, all you might need to do is pop a few pain killers, relax and wait for the pain to ease.

  • Take Some Days Off Gym

If you’re actively exercising or partaking in sports activities that seem to aggravate your neck pain, stop. Heavy lifting can be one of the culprits here. Take a few days off exercise or sports to give your neck a break. When you resume, try to ease slowly into your routine so that your body adjusts better.

  • Stretches Are Good

Stretches are a great way to exercise your neck gently. All you have to do is stretch your head slowly from side to side. You can then do up and down motions in the same manner. Exercising your neck this way every day will bring relief.

  • Adopt A Good Posture

If you find out which position is causing the problem, then adjust your sitting or standing posture. You can also try changing your position often. That way, you can avoid standing or sitting in one place for too long. You should also do your best to avoid cradling your phone between your neck and shoulder.

  • Apply Ice

Ice slows down nerve impulses in a particular area, which can bring relief from pain. Applying ice to your neck can also help to reduce and may even get rid of the pain completely. You can apply ice continually for a few days to see if you feel better.

  • Apply Heat

If the ice does not do the trick, it’s time to try the opposite. The heat will help to loosen your muscles and ease your pain. This will help address the soreness in your neck muscles, which could be the problem.

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