The Importance of Playtime
(Advertorial for DIY Sand Toy)

There’s a reason the United Nations has listed play as one of the basic rights of every child. Play for children is equivalent to work for adults. It provides a mean for your child to learn about themselves and the world around them.

With lots of homework and many school activities competing for the attention of your child, you might forget to allocate time for them to play. This is not good because play has a vital role in the development of your child. Here are some reasons why.  

It Builds Imagination and Creativity

Playtime provides great opportunity for your children to stretch their imagination. They can mimic adults and create make-believe scenarios and games. These games will help with their abstract thinking and form the basis for more advanced learning and problem-solving in the future.

It Helps with Brain Development

Play can have a great impact on your child’s intelligence, confidence, and ability to communicate. It does this by positively affecting their cognitive growth. Scientists have discovered that play influences the neural circuits of the brain, which handles intelligence.

It Has Emotional Benefits

Play can reduce anxiety, stress, and irritability in children. It can also boost their joy and self-esteem. Through play, your child can learn how to confront challenges in a way they understand and can process. This will help improve their resilience and emotional flexibility. It will also give them an increased ability to deal with changes around them.

It Encourages Independence

Your child can better prepare for social situations through play. It promotes a strong sense of independence and creativity in them. That way they’ll be able to relate better when they are in group situations.

It Promotes Physical Fitness

Active children are happy children. Kids love to be active, using their hands and minds at the same time. Play encourages this. It also helps with balance and motor skills. Encouraging play in your child can have a great impact on their mental and physical health. They’ll sharpen their reflexes, build strong motor and mental skills, and improve other aspects of their lives. Play is an important part of childhood.

This DIY Not Wet Magic Sand Handmade Toys Non-toxic Magic Mars Space Sand Educational Toy would be just perfect for playtime. It comes in many colors and your kid will love it for many reasons. One reasons being that it is not messy like regular water and sand that normally makes a sloppy mess. This doesn’t happen with space sand. It repels water, making it great for sensory play at home.

One of the first ways kids can enjoy this is by putting the sand in a clear bowl filled with water. You can watch it transform into many strange shapes because of its hydrophobic nature. You might even find that you enjoy it as an adult!