This Umbrella Solves All the Problems You Face (Advertorials for LED Reverse Folding Umbrella)

Take a minute and think of this: Do you like a raining day? Most people would say “No”, they prefer going out when it is not raining. Well, this’s normal as getting wet is not a comfortable experience. But have you ever wondered since umbrella was invented to keep us from getting wet, why we still hate raining especially we have to do something outside? If an umbrella is able to keep us dry on rainy day, why we still think it is inconvenient during rainy? You might already have an answer, and the answer is obvious from what we’ve experienced:


It is inevitable to get wet even with an umbrella, because once you get a shelter and fold the umbrella, you may easily get wet because the outer part of the umbrella is still wet. And it takes forever to dry itself. What bothers more is it not only wet yourself but also wet the place wherever you go. If you drive a car or take public transport, you better be ready for a wet seat or wet floor wherever you will put your umbrella.

However, there is a type of umbrella called Reverse Folding Umbrella, this type of umbrella comes with some functionalities which the traditional umbrella lacks.

Reverse design to holds the water

For instance, as can be told from its name, it holds all the water when you close the umbrella rather than pour towards you. This is able to avoid letting the car seat or yourself wet. This function removes the worry of getting wet accidentally by the splashing water when you close the umbrella.

LED light to light up your way

Moreover, the raining day gives people a sense of depression as it normally comes with a decrease in temperature. The feeling of cold and wet is not something we want always face especially walking at a cold and dark raining night. Well, thanks to this LED Flashlight Lighting Folding Umbrella, the fear of walking in the dark night would be gone because it has a LED light at the end of the holder. It is able to light up your way, provide the finest safeguard.

Angle Ring to protect your safety

If you have ever driven a car at night, you have to admit that your visibility would decrease a huge level when it is rainy. Researchers of Federal Highway Administration’s Road Weather Management Program (RWMP) shows there are 1.3 million traffic accidents happened in a year which is weather-related, out of these amounts, 30 per cent of these collisions are caused by poor visibility. Rainy is undoubtedly one of the weather conditions that make the driver blind. This LED umbrella has a special design which traditional umbrella doesn’t have, “Angle Ring Design”. It is a reflective material which has a strong response to the light, once a car light comes towards you, a shiny ring would appear on the umbrella to notify the driver where the pedestrian is. This “Angle Ring” would protect your safety as much as possible.

Final Words

This LED Flashlight Lighting Folding Umbrella solves the problem you face including getting wet when you fold the used umbrella, experience darkness at rainy night, being unsafe to walk on the street at rainy day due to the decrease of visual of the car drivers. And there are more to explore such as the easiness of open and close design, waterproof material design etc.