Tips for Your First Move with WED2C

Here are some tips about how to make your first earning with WED2C. As many of you may know, one of the unique features of WED2C is the ability to share product’s link to people and spread through social media at the click of a button, when people buy from your shared link, you can earn a commission. In addition, every type of business has its own strategy to increase the conversion rate, in other words, facilitate potential buyer to place an order.


Based on your identity and profession, here are some tips to help you know how to make your first move with WED2C.


For Student

If you are a student, staring with your friend circle is an option. You could choose a product according to the needs of your classmates’ and friends’. A report shows 93% of people agree that family and friends’ recommendations are the most trustworthy information source about a product, even higher than review sites and news websites. Your friends will appreciate your effort to find a product that matches their needs. So start sharing on Facebook or whatever social media your friends are on is a way to go.

For Influencer

If you are an influencer, The biggest advantage of you is that you already have some traffic in hand. Take massage gun as an example, a winning product that became popular in 2020. Posting the massage gun’s images that are downloaded from WED2C product’s page, and write a short description about it is a way to go. Of course, place a test order would be more ideal in the future because you can share your own experience and feeling about the product to achieve the best conversion result in a long-run point of view.


For Affiliates

If you are a blogger, website owner/creator, Youtuber etc. You can always make the best use of the power of your knowledge and content.

If you are a blogger, write a blog or post which your product can be inserted subtly in the article. Also, take the massage gun as an example. What you can do is to write an article about “Why you should exercise regularly”, and insert the information of the massage gun product into that article.

For People at Home

These include the unemployed, retired, housewife etc. One way to start is to pick a niche that suits your potential customers, and based on the niche you choose, you can share relevant products with your friends. To get better results, you can shoot a Youtube video regarding the product you’ve selected. Even an unboxing video or product view and brand comparison etc.


To sum up, there is no exact the best way to start unless you really take a step in action. This article is a reference for you to know some of the ways to enrich your WED2C journey. If you are a student, you can also apply multiple methods mentioned above as well. Feel free to try them out!