Top Home Improvement Lamp That Makes Your Room Cozier (Advertorial for LED Lamp)

● What is new about the USB charging lamp LED light lantern?

In all these years you must have seen lamps with wire cords that fit into sockets, meaning that you are objected to placing your lamp only where the socket lies. You will be excited to know that there are now LED lamps available that do not require any socket or wire for working, they function based on a USB charging port. It is not an ordinary lamp that releases off the heat while in working mode, but it saves energy as well.

Unlike other LED lights, this lamp comes along with a holder that can be hung anywhere. Not just that but it can also be placed on a sturdy table or your side draw table.

● What features does the USB charging LED lamp consists of?

The LED lamp comes in matte spray paint which makes it appear elegant and subtle. It is more like a decorative article you can say. The metal decoration adds some more points to the beauty of the lamp. It is manufactured from a very high-quality plastic that is unbreakable, fall resistant, and does not easily wear off.

It can be adjusted in four types: night lamp, flashlight, table lamp, and a portable lamp. It means you can use it for multiple purposes.

It has a charging port at the back with a small indicating light, when the charging is complete the indicator light turns off automatically.

The lamp comes along with a touch switch and 3 brightness adjustments that can be varied according to you.

● Does the USB charge LED lamp to have a good battery back up?

The average battery back is around 5-6 hours. It has a built-in 1200mA lithium battery which is good enough to be charged quickly and provide a long-lasting battery backup.

● How can you use the LED Lamplight?

If you are a keen book reader and don’t go to bed before reading then you can keep the night lamp next to your bedside and use it while reading your favorite novel. It provides the optimum light required for the night.

If you are planning to spring clean your garage and it has no electric power then your LED lamp can turn into a flashlight. It will provide 3 times more bright light than any other.

How about using the LED lamp as a decorative lamp in a party that is going to be held at midnight? It will look flawless and relaxing, will add more vogue to the decorations.