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How do you post to get as many customers interested as possible? You need to start up and manage your social media page in steps and with rhythm. If you try to promote your products on social media right off the bat, you won’t be able to make the most out of it.

Social Selling is the art of utilizing social media to find and engage with new prospects. Expert social sellers use social media to provide value to prospects by answering questions, responding to comments and sharing content on the various social media platforms.

And guess where the best place to sell it is??… FACEBOOK GROUPS! You don’t need to run ads or set up a fancy website, you can just start selling all the products on Facebook. And thanks to WED2C and Facebook Groups, you can even do it from your mobile phone!

How do you calm down and handle negative feedback?This is a very important thing for e-commerce entrepreneurs. If you’ve been struggling with bad feedback lately, If you want to counter negative feedback by building up some experience for the future. Let’s check out the video now!

Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are the top 3 popular social media platforms for selling products. Leverage each platform’s advantage to build your customer base. Let’s see it!

Today we are going to answer to some of the questions we received from our users. whether from the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or within our YouTube channel.

To stand out among different blogs, the skill needed is not just writing skills anymore. In order to monetize your blog, having a plan and a profound understanding of how is essential in order to have sales. After reading this blog, you will have much clearer ideas to build your own blog. Let’s start with the title.

It is undoubtedly that video is the most effective tool to promote and advertise a product or a service online. That is to say, apart from the text and picture you posted on your social media, you are encouraged to create a video for the product you are selling to maximize the engagement and sales.

Learn from each mistake that would help us do better in the future without going through some unnecessary detours. There are five mistakes to be addressed when selling through social media. Reflecting on what could be done differently to have better performance.

Who is ideal to use WED2C?With WED2C, everyone can start an e-commerce journey in an easy way. And WED2C will always aim to help everyone to join the world of e-commerce with zero cost.

For some e-commerce participators, marketing is often being neglected. We often neglect the power of marketing which will help our business scale to a next level. And some marketing methods are free but are able to fuel your business’s growth.

Based on your identity and profession,here are some tips about how to make your first earning with WED2C.

In order to remove the barriers for doing online business, WED2C provides free service, social e-commerce business model and maximizes the potential of social network that allows everyone can start the journey of e-commerce in an easy way.

WED2C is a one-stop platform that provides hundreds of thousands of products, efficient logistics, professional marketing, and a perfect support team, intends to help you achieve your startup dream with 0 costs, 0 experience, 0 resources.

Social e-commerce is not a new word in doing business. It is a mature business model which has a huge potential to grow bigger in the era of the internet.

One of the best ways to generate a good income nowadays is to make money online, from home.Now,you just need to follow some of the ideas listed below, and they can make a huge difference all the time thanks to that.