WED2C: A Social E-Commerce Platform for Everyone

Social E-commerce is not a new word in doing business. It is a mature business model which has a huge potential to grow bigger in the era of the internet.

The Potential of Social Media

We have seen the rising of Facebook since 2004, which now is the most popular social media platform. Then the Youtube, the most popular video-sharing platform on earth now. We have also witnessed the growth of Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat. And a new short video sharing platform TikTok become the fastest growing social media app on the market right now. Within 4 years since 2016, TikTok now has 800million active users worldwide, ahead of Twitter and Snapchat. 5 months ago, this App has been downloaded over 2 billion times. Can you imagine how much potential internet can bring to us? Especially in the fast-developing era of social media, how many chances there if we combine these fast-growing social media platforms with doing business?

As the introduction of 5th generation mobile networks in the year 2019, we are entering into an internet-based generation which everything is connected via internet conveniently than ever before. We can never imagine what form of social media platforms would arise, as we could never imagine short video sharing platform appeared on account of the benefit of 4G network a few years ago. But what we are convinced right now is that if we combine e-Commerce with our social network, things will magically happen accordingly.

A New Online Business Platform: WED2C

Based on rich industry experience and efficient supply chain management, WED2C aims to combine business with social media to let everyone can participate in this game and start doing business with 0 cost. WED2C is the short term of “We Direct To Consumer”, it is an online platform which provides winning products for you to sell to your customer. And your customer can be anyone, even start with the people you know, in this way you don’t have to find customer yourself.

Based On Social Media

The business model of WED2C is based on social media, which you can start easily by sharing the products WED2C provide you onto your own social media like Facebook, Wechat or TikTok etc. And you gain profit from the price difference between the original price and the price you set to your customer. Because the product’s original price is the price from the manufacturer, so it is a lot lower than the one on the market, which provides you with enough margin to addon to whatever you think is the best for you and your customers.

How WED2C Works? 

Once you registered for free on WED2C, it will recommend winning product to you based on their market research and big data analysis. And you set a price you want to sell to your customer and share the product to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or even through the e-mail. WED2C provides advertorials and posters for you to advertise, or you can create your own promotional words and sentences to suit your customers in a precise way.

You don’t have to invest any cost to do business on WED2C. Unlike traditional business model where you need to buy all the products, you want to sell yourself in advance and stock them up in a warehouse. This is a complex process which would consume your time and money. Having a warehouse would face the risk of overstock and it needs the effort to maintain in the form of human resources and monetary resources. Sometimes overstocking would easily occur when you make just a little wrong decision about the prediction of your sales, and you loose hugely on account of that.

WED2C runs a dropshipping business model, it is powered by, an experienced and leading company in dropshipping industry. The service WED2C offer is a one-stop service from recommending products, shipping and even after-sales service. The only thing you need to do is to focus on advertising the product you want to sell, and you are able to leave every operational thing to WED2C to do for you. The more you focus, the better job you can do.

Time To Re-Connect With People 

Furthermore, in the year 2020, a lot of things happened to us. COVID-19 is probably the biggest thing that had a huge impact on our lives. The social distancing between people under this epidemic situation makes people lose contact with friends. Social media via the internet at home is the only way people get connect with each other, and there are a lot of things we can do online, like playing games together, watching films. Why not go and find a proper product on WED2C, and share with your friends, show your caring to them? It probably becomes a way to re-connect everyone while society is suggesting moving away from each other. For instance, you could find a hand sanitizer product on WED2C at a lower price than those on market, and share it onto your Facebook page. People in your social network would be happy if they could buy a more affordable product they need from you, and you could get some profit in return at the same time. What a win-win situation!

Due to the ease of doing business with WED2C, everyone who has access to the internet can start their business journey at zero cost. From university students who want to take a part-time job to earn some extra money after class, to those who are looking for jobs to cover the everyday expense, and even for those who have another full-time job at day, but want to do business as a part-time. It is only the advantage of WED2C that can make all these happen.

Final words

It is never too late to do try WED2C to do business online, and you need no experience of e-commerce to get started with. It has no inventory risk, no initial capital required and can do anywhere at any time. Just click and share the product onto your social media, WED2C then ship the product to your customer’s address and take care of the after-sales-service. You may get more sales if you focus well on marketing your product, there are more for you to explore on WED2C, so go and have a try!E