Who Will Benefit from WED2C?

Every social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. Has its own ideal users, by that I mean, loyal users. It may sound interesting to you as you may not know the different social application has different target audiences. It is these certain types of people who have high brand loyalty that makes that platform grow bigger. You may think most people around you use all these social media platforms, but what you may not know is they all have their own market segmentation.

Take Facebook and Instagram as an example. As research showed on eMarketer, the average age of users on Facebook tends to be higher than those on Instagram. Young people are moving away from Facebook to the new arising social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. However, the daily new users are still growing on Facebook, and it is fair to say Instagram is more attractive to young people right now.

How about WED2C? Who is ideal to use WED2C?

First of all, it is true that everyone is able to participate in any kinds of activities on the internet, just like we all use all different kinds of social media platforms. But we go to different social media platforms based on different reasons. We go to Youtube to find videos to watch, we open Instagram to share our photos, and we go Facebook because all my friends in colleagues are there. So if you are a person who likes to watch the video, try Youtube. If you are a person who has a high connection with friends in real life, try Facebook. You will always able to find a social media platform that meets your preference.

Based on the advantages that WED2C provides, here are some of the ideal users for WED2C.

  • Student

The first advantage of using WED2C to do business is that it literally needs zero initial investment money. This is definitely good news for students, as the barrier for students to do business is the lack of initial capital investment. They have the passion and the time, but “no money to start with” block them from entering in the game of business. And WED2C removes this barrier and provides a flat road for the student to make the best use of their spare time to do business.

  • Busy Employee

Next, for those people who are busy at day due to their full-time work, WED2C is an ideal platform to do business for them. No matter they are in what field, a report shown on statista.com, the average working week of employees in the US from 2019-2020 is 34.4 hours. There is no time to start another business apart from their own job. Even sometimes they have the will, but no energy to do so. WED2C provides a unique way to do business, which is “Select, Share, Earn”, this will skip the complicated steps for starting a business. You only need to select a winning product on WED2C Market and share your chosen product to your own social media or to your friends, once people place an order from you shared link, WED2C will automatically send the package to your customer. With the ease of doing business, even a busy person is able to do business by using the least amount of time.

  • Online Shop Owner

One of the great worries that online shop owners (probably every user) would have is the shipping time. Short shipping time is important to customers. With WED2C, shipping time is fast because it has a very mature and developed shipping and logistic chain to all around the world. Moreover, WED2C will recommend winning product to you, and you can see how many times it has been shared, so there is no worry about which product to choose!

  • People Who Are Looking For Job/ Stay At Home

The other advantage of WED2C is that it is so easy that everyone can start anywhere. If you are not sure what to do at home? Just try WED2C now and earn profit in a minute. Unlike other business platforms, there is no knowledge required to do business through WED2C, because WED2C will provide marketing support for you, with posters and advertorials. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic situation, WED2C is an ideal choice for the unemployed or the people who WFH (work from home), as there are no specific skills needed, everyone can do business through WED2C.


As shown above, WED2C is the best choice for 4 types of people, namely students, busy employees, online shop owners and those who are currently looking for a job. Students would enjoy the benefit of “zero cost to do business” on WED2C. The simplified “Select, share, earn” process on WED2C benefits those who have less time after work but want to start an e-commerce journey. And with a mature shipping logistic chain WED2C has been developed gives the online seller more confident to do business. Last, for those people WFH or unemployed, WED2C provides marketing support and removes all the skill requirement.

Last but not the least, these 4 types of people mentioned are not the only types who can be benefited from WED2C. As said before, with WED2C, everyone can start an e-commerce journey in an easy way. And WED2C will always aim to help everyone to join the world of e-commerce with zero cost.