Why Choose WED2C to Start Your E-com Journey?

If you are new to e-com industry, the first thing you need to know is that there are tons of ways for you to enter into this game. You can start by simply selling some products via eBay, or join the world of dropshipping by using Shopify to open your own online store, and even dive into the second-hand market, hoping to pick some cheap and profitable goods which can be resold to other people with a higher price on the internet. Anyhow, different methods of doing business online have its own way to make money. If you choose a way to start, there must be some specific way to be a success. Every industry or business field has some people who are able to confidently share their success stories with those new starters, and their words and experience are so attractive that every new starter begins to imagine one day it happens to themselves. But the reality is, every industry is like a pyramid, it is only those 1% of people who are able to stand on the top. New starters have to climb from the bottom, and thousands are competing with you. This is the same for doing business online, even true for dropshipping industry, a relative easy-to-start business model. When people say dropshipping has “low barriers”, it does not mean “no barrier”. Here are 3 barriers to be discussed:

Need initial investment money

One of the most attracting advantages of doing dropshipping is it requires low initial investment to start. However, as it is written (https://bit.ly/3jdk9QC), the minimum amount to start a dropshipping business in the year 2020 is around $181. This includes the amount spent on creating an account on the online platform, buying the domain name, order testing and advertising. In the point of long-run and persistency, the amount will far more than that. Seems like the easiness of dropshipping is not the reality of everyone. For those students, unemployed and people who are tight on money, the easiness of doing dropshipping is not true.

High learning curve

The “cost” of starting e-commerce is high, by that I mean in the aspect of time, the cost is high. Many people have the passion to start doing business, but the barrier of “experience required” block them out from participating in e-commerce. They start doing business with a “try” attitude, and it makes sense that they don’t put too much time in learning how. But like all other businesses, if you want to do well, you need to invest time in it. To learn the algorithm of SEO, how Facebook ads works, how to improve converting ratio etc. It is these high learning curves that prevent many new starters from continuously have the passion and quit their journey before they taste the sweetness of e-commerce.

Hard to find customers

Last but not the least, another barrier which lies at the entrance of the e-commerce battlefield is the difficulty of finding customers. Traffic is the key when it comes to online business, the more people visit your store, the higher chance your store becomes popular. The relations of your store’s popularity and time passed by is never a linear function. Don’t think people will visit your store when your store exists long enough. Take Youtube channel as an example, it becomes natural to have 100 new subscribers every day when your Youtube channel has 50 thousand

subscribers already. To some extent, the easiness of attracting new customers would depend on the amount of existing customer that you already accumulated, the bigger your fan base is, the easier you are able to scale up.

But for most new starters, who has zero customer to start with, is difficult in attracting customers. There are so many different Shopify stores, and how can you compete with them given that you have no customer base at the starting line?

The solution to all problems

The barriers of doing business are far more than mentioned above. WED2C is designed to remove all the obstacles for everyone who wants to start doing online business.

Do business with 0 cost

In the monetary aspect, it is free to use, you don’t need any start-up capital. And it provides thousands of products for you to choose to sell. Once you decide to sell a specific product, for example, you decide to sell a massage gun provided by WED2C. You can set a selling price, and share the advertising page onto your social media. Once customer purchased from your sharing, WED2C will automatically send the massage gun to your customer. And because you have your social media to be your marketing channel, you can use your social network to be the accumulated potential customers for your product. This saves you from paying for advertisement on Facebook or Google, and gain customers at the same time. However, no one wants to ruin their reputation by selling unsatisfied products to friends, placing a test order is recommended before recommending to friends. Although WED2C will check the product’s quality before shipping, if you have your own experience in that product, your friends would feel your honesty.

Do business with 0 prior experience

In the aspect of the learning curve needed, one of the advantages of WED2C is that there is no need to learn in order to do business. Because the business model of WED2C is “social e-commerce”, which means everyone can join in as long as they have their own social circle or social media like Facebook, Twitter or even email. The only step needed is to click the “share” button to your friends or post it to the news feed on social media, all the other process will automatically left to WED2C to do for you. These process including packaging, shipping and after-sales service. If you are worried about your shortage of marketing skills, WED2C also provides free marketing materials like posters for you to advertise. The social e-commerce business model also means there is no need for running ads at the starting point.

Do business with existing potential customers

Last, in terms of finding customers, I believe up to now, there is no need to have an in-depth discussion about how WED2C solves the difficulty of finding customers. As you have your own social network to be your startup fan base, these potential buyers would become the springboard for your scaling up in the future. Once your friends like your product, they will share it to their social network, which would gain lots of customers within a short period of time.


There are many reasons why WED2C is your best platform to start your e-commerce journey. We have discussed 3 of them, namely monetary aspect, skills required and the easiness of finding customers. In order to remove the barriers for doing online business, WED2C provides free service, social e-commerce business model and maximizes the potential of social network that allows everyone can start the journey of e-commerce in an easy way.